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Copy of Book Talk: So B. It By Sarah Weeks

book review on this book

Nusrat Tabassum

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Book Talk: So B. It By Sarah Weeks

The life of Heidi ... So B. It and Heidi DeMuth: The main character in the story. She is kind, brave, very blessed determine Mama (Sophia Lynne DeMuth) She is Heidi's mentally disabled mother
She has a gentle and kind nature
Although she only has 23 words in her vocabulary and I knew that for a fact because in the book Heidi kept a list of all the things she said Bernadette (Bernie) She is Heidi's neighbor who is kind of like her mother/guardian
she has agoraphobia Mental disability is a sickness that has an effect on the mind. Kind of like a physical disability affects your movement and body, mental disabilities effect how you think and use your mind. Agoraphobia is an extreme or irrational fear of crowded spaces or enclosed public places. Most people with agoraphobia like Bernie cannot step out of there homes What if you didn't know when your birthday was? Mama's Words: Heidi
so be it
Blue SOOf Out
Back soon
Hello Dette
Again Pretty
Kiss * Note: Two of mama's "words" are technically not single words back soon and so be it but Heidi counted them that way because Mama never used the individual words, so be it, back, or soon except in those particular phrases. What if you had no idea who your father was? What if your whole past was a mystery? Would you... a) leave things as it is
b) set out on a cross country journey in search of the secret of your past If you chose b) then you are much like Heidi DeMuth, a twelve year old girl, who's curiosity led her far away from home in search of the pieces of her puzzling history when a strange word in her mentally disabled mother's vocabulary started to haunt her. What if your mother was mentally disabled? But is everything worth knowing.... "The novel has enough suspense to draw in mystery fans,
while Weeks portrays Heidi's emotional and physical odyssey with admirable economy and restraint."
-The Horn Book (starred review) "Lovely writing-real, touching,and pared cleanly down to the essentials."
-ALA Booklist (starred review) "Refreshing, offbeat characters. Readers will be genuinely touched."
-Voya (starred review) Read this book to accompany Heidi on her quest. Reflection
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