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Ethnic Stereotyping in TV and Print Advertising

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Rafael Colon

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of Ethnic Stereotyping in TV and Print Advertising

An ethnic stereotype is a generalized representation of an ethnic group, composed of what are thought to be typical characteristics of members of the group. Sucessful uses of Ethnic Stereotyping Ethnic Stereotyping
in TV and Print
Advertisements What is ethnic stereotyping? An ethnic stereotype is a generalized representation of an ethnic group, composed of what are thought to be typical characteristics of members of the group. (Forehand, 2001) Who is in charge of Ethnic Stereotyping
in Print and TV advertisment? WHO ? Can you name any stereotypes in the media today? What do you think about this commercial? “Unfortunately, our execution did not deliver our intended message and in fact proved to be insensitive and insulting” (Modine, 2007).

According to techcrunch.com, Microsoft spent around $400 million on marketing alone for the Windows Phone 7 launch "a KFC commercial being shown on Australian television has apparently caused offense, particularly in the United States ... KFC will cease running the commercial immediately” (O’Malley, 2010) Albion, M. S., & Farris, P. W. (1981). The advertising controversy: Evidence on the economic effects of advertising. Boston, Massachusetts: Auburn House Publishing Company.

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Taban, O. (2010). Images and Consumers in Arabic Advertising: New Paradigms of Commercial Communication, an Approach to Ethnic Publicity.International Journal Of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, 5(6), 351-359. References "Whether right or wrong, imagination is shaped by the picturesseen. Consequently, they lead to stereotypes that are hard to shake."
-Walter Lippman
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