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Grow your blog into a business

Presentation for the International Food Bloggers Conference, Seattle, WA

mark briggs

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Grow your blog into a business

Is it a blog?
Or a business?

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Author: Entrepreneurial Journalism, Journalism Next, Journalism 2.0

Director of Digital Media, KING5

Co-founder of Fork
People Don't Buy What You Do
The Golden Circle - Simon Sinek

Creativity is the new literacy
Chase Jarvis:
It's business time
The Influence Model:
Influence makes markets
Quality content creates

YouTube: More than 1 billion monthly users
YouTube Partners make $3-5 CPM

Mobile explosion:
More mobile devices were activated last quarter than people on the Internet when Expedia launched
iPad / tablets: fastest adoption ever
Who are you?
What are your biggest challenges?
How do you make $$?
Directly sold ads
Ad networks
Affiliate links
Sponsored posts

What else can you do?
- Teach cooking classes
- Meal planning
- Catering or food production
- Freelance writing
- Cookbooks

Be different,
not better
Next step, afford fancy shoes again!
Video? Mobile?
What is your vision?
Define your mission
- What's your story? (Made to Stick)
Measure your mission
- What does your audience think?
Pursue your mission
- With maximum passion and energy

Make something people want
"If you make something (people) want, they will be happy and you can translate that happiness into money."
- Paul Graham
You can do anything ...
But you can't do everything
Time = money
- So time management is essential
- What's the best time to ...?

You need help
- Do you have "pirate ship"?
- "Life is about the people you meet and things you create with them"
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