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Rj Safron

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of Baseball

Baseball History Baseball was invented in the 19th and 20th century. It was based on an English game called Rounders. The earliest known mention of baseball was in Pittsfield Massachusetts. The first baseball diamond was invented in 1845. The field was created by Alexander Cartwright. There is debate of the oldest baseball field, between Doubleday Field in Cooperstown NY, and the Polo Grounds in New York, NY. Briefing on Double Day Double Day has been used since 1920. It is located in Cooperstown New York , it is about a block away from the hall of fame. ( I've been there.) they have updated the field a few times, adding grandstands, rebuilding the structure. The Baseball Field There are a few variations of the baseball diamond. There is a 30' 60' diamond, a 50' 70' diamond and a regulation 60' 90' diamond These are the dimensions for a regulation baseball diamond Equipment Equipment varies for what position you play. All infielders and outfielders use a leather glove. Catchers use special equipment, which are a catcher's mask, a chest protector, leg guards and a catchers mitt. This is what a Wilson baseball glove is made of. You soften the leather for a better feel and easier to use. This glove is designed for and infielder or pitcher. Gloves and fielding equipment Gloves vary from position to position, pitchers have a relatively small glove with a weaved pocket. Outfielders have a larger open pocket. Catchers use a padded glove and special protective equipment, which are a catchers mask, a chest protector, leg guards and a catchers mitt. Special Gloves Catchers and first baseman have special gloves compared to other gloves. This is a normal Catchers mitt, this is also my personal favorite This is a first baseman's mitt. This is another one of my personal favorites. Rules to some people baseball is a confusing sport because of the rules, its really simple. A batter gets 3 strikes and 4 balls, if thrown 4 balls they are awarded a base on balls, in thrown 3 strikes they are out, along if a fielder catches the ball in the air, off of a hit, said batter would be out. There are 3 outs per half inning, there are 8.5 to 9 full innings every game. What you should wear In baseball, you wear specific equipment. While playing baseball, you should wear a baseball hat, baseball pants, an athletic cup, baseball cleats and a baseball jersey. Baseball By: Rj Safron This is the Texas Rangers basic Uni package. The Bat The baseball bat has changed over the years. In the MLB they use wooden bats, but in little league, college and high school, they are allowed to use aluminum bats. High School and college players must use bats with a 2 3/8 inch diameter, which has to be under the BBCOR standard. This is a little league bat. This is a BBCOR certified High school/ college bat This is how they make aluminum bats. Thanks for Watching!
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