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Empathy Map - Effective transition to work life

What's at stake in school-to-work transition ? Interview with Christophe L.

Loïc Déconche

on 7 September 2014

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Transcript of Empathy Map - Effective transition to work life

"Their capacity to be synthetic and to step
into somebody else's shoes is key"
Christophe L.
IT manager
/ recruiter
"They need to understand why
businesses work as they do"
"If you give me something to do without
helping me to understand what I'm doing, it's
quite likely that my work will be poor"
Regularly comes to lunch with his new recruits, to help them feel welcome
Spends more time explaining the tasks and communicating on the "Whys"
Some of the best engineering schools are still quite theoretical, but they also have more talented graduates
The teachings on how businesses
deploy softwares is sometimes very brief
Empathy : Experiences his support as
a learning practice
Open & Connected to others
Strong sense of contribution

Need to connect with a wider environment and understand what's at stake

Importance to understand what your contribution is and to adapt to others

Young professionals may not spontaneously raise a question to understand what they are asked to work on / catch the big picture. Good managers should anticipate by providing the best level of explanations at start
A young professional
specifically understand what he/she contributes to
it will help him/her connect to their end users and deliver a good service
"It's about knowing who does what in the
"The end user doesn't see the complex
calculation behind the software. He
only sees the bugs in the user
It's about understanding
what is specific about
your role
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