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03.01 Cell Cycle

Virtual Lab Activity

Shanice Jones

on 5 January 2013

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Transcript of 03.01 Cell Cycle

The Cell Cycle 03.01 Cell Cycle Lab Report Data Interphase 34-49
Prophase 8-13
Metaphase 3-4
Anaphase 2-3
Telophase 2-4
Cytokinesis 1-3 Hypothesis I predict that there will be more interphase than the rest of the other cells. Safety Notes
1. Always handle microscopes and glass slides carefully.
2. Wash your hands after handling the prepared specimes. Materials 1. Compound light microscope.
2. Glass microscope slide with prepared onion root tip specimen. Data Anaylsis Conclusion: Based on your data, what can you infer about the lenght f the time spent in each of the cell cycle? If your observation had not been restricted to the tip of the onion root, how would the results be different? There would be virtually no cells undergoing division, so many more of the cells observes would have been in interphase where they would differenttiate. The longest stage is interphase in the cell cycle. And the shortest is anaphase because it only last for a couple of minutes. What stages were the longest and the shortest? I can infer that interphase is the longest stages of mitosis and then going in order eah decreases in the lenght it takes to complete. Interphase 147.05% - 153.06%
Prophase 625% - 576.92%
Metaphase 1666.67% - 1875%
Anaphase 2500% - 2500%
Telophase 2500% - 1875%
Cytokinesis 5000% - 2500%
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