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hush, hush

Book Presentation

Keely Epp

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of hush, hush

hush, hush Presentation By: Keely Epp Setting- Theme- Opinion Recommendation Resolution Complications Climax Characters The Goods Guys...And The Bad Guys Continuing Characters..... The Main Characters are: The protagonist is: When Nora got the call, she was with Patch. Patch sincerely cares about the safety of Nora, so he only agreed to let her go if he came along and that she would listen to him and do what he told her to do. Patch goes into the school but Elliot calls her again and makes her come inside, ultimately disobeying Patch. When she does go inside she finally gets her answers, definitely surprising her and the reader. There is a showdown/fight inside the high school, between Nora and who else though? Who will win? And who will pay the ultimate sacrifice? What will happen next? Read the book to find out. In my opinion this book was a 5/5. I loved it! There was suspense, mystery, darkness, foreshadowing, excitements, danger and just enough romance to make a perfect book. I recommend this book to everyone who likes mystery/ danger/thrilling/romance books! This is the all-around book. There is a little something everyone will like. And that's why I recommend this book! The Series.... By:Becca Fitzpatrick Period 1B Genre- My personal reading book is from the *Fantasy genre. I know this because fallen angels aren't real and some of the "stunts" that happened in this book are not realistic and only happen in books or movies. Nora Grey, she is a round and dynamic character. She is described as a "smokey-eyed brunette with volumes of curly hair that holds its own against even the best flatiron". She is also thin, and is approximately around 5 feet, 5 inches tall. Nora is a sophomore at Coldwater High School. Other Important Characters..... Patch Cipriano, he starts out being a flat character, then becomes a round and dynamic character. He has dark hair that is pretty much black and is really tall with a stone hard body. He tops that all off with the all-around bad boy look and is a senior at Coldwater High. Nora, she is trying to figure out all the weird things that are happening to her. The antagonist is: Patch, he makes her life overly complicated and is always confusing her. When he talks to her it's vague and at times mysterious. The story takes place in Coldwater, Maine, present day. Conflict Don't assume who a person is just by looking at them. Vee Sky, she a round character and is both a dynamic and static character, her personality never changes but when something happens to her she has different reactions to things than she did before. She is Nora's best friend. Vee is described as "a few pounds over curvy" with blonde hair, green eyes and is almost 6 feet tall. Elliot Saunders, he is a round and dynamic character. Elliot is a transfer student from the private school, Kinghorn Prep. He is very nice, flirts with Nora and stands up for her every chance he gets, but when Nora finds out that Elliot was accused for the murder of his ex-girlfriend and shows up at her house drunk, commanding her to come camping with him, Nora is unsure of who he is and becomes suspicious of him. Chauncey is a flat and dynamic character. In the prologue of the book, it talks a little bit about Chauncey's life and about how Chauncey and Patch meet. Chauncey is sitting in a graveyard when Patch appears. Patch does something to Chauncey that makes him feel great pain. So, Patch makes deal, he said he would make the pain go away if Chauncey agreed to a sacred oath, and Chauncey did. Only later will you and Chauncey figure out his mistake. Jules, he is a flat and static character. Jules is Elliot's friend and is even more dark and mysterious than Patch because he doesn't talk all that much. Vee and Jules start dating for awhile and she described him as looking like a total bad boy. Miss Greene(Dabria), she is a flat and dynamic character. Miss Greene is the new school psychologist. As you read the book, you will find out that Dabria and Patch have quite a long, interesting history together. Marcie Millar, she is a flat and static character. Marcie is the most popular girl at Coldwater High school and is Nora's enemy. Nora doesn't know why Marcie hates her, she just does. Marcie has strawberry blonde hair and freckles concealed under "half a bottle of foundation". Coach McConaughy, he is a flat and static character. Coach McCounaughy is Nora, Vee, and Patch's biology teacher. Dorothea, she is a flat and static character. Dorothea is the caretaker of the Greys' house and looks after Nora while her mom is gone on business trips. Rixion, he is a flat and static character. Rixion is Patch's best friend who knows all of Patch's secrets. Rixion is described as a tall, stringy, Irish guy with shaggy hair. He is also fallen. Along the way...... Patch keeps getting in the way of Nora trying to find the answers to all her questions. Nora wants to overall find out who and what is doing all the mysterious, dangerous and creepy things to her. When Vee calls Nora on Elliot's cell phone, telling her she should come play hide and seek with her, Elliot, and Jules in the dark and empty high school. Then when Nora says no, Elliot takes the phone from Vee and says that if she doesn't, there's a tree with Vee's name on it. Which ironically, is how Elliot's ex-girlfriend died, she was hanged from a tree. And that's when the line went dead.... Patch and Nora are paired up as biology partners. Nora starts to fall for Patch. Nora hits a guy in a ski mask with a car and he gets up and walks away like he hadn't just gotten hit by a car. Nora starts finding information on Elliot that isn't so comforting. Someone was looking in her window one night. Vee is attacked by a person in a ski mask. Dabria pays Nora a visit in her home and tries to kill her but sets Nora's house on fire instead. Nora notices the v-shaped marks on Patch's back and touches them, then something unworldly happens. Nora starts getting some of her answers but sometimes that just means more questions. Everyone in this story has a secret. The End, Thanks for Watching!
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