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Warm Up

No description

Elizabeth Brathwaite

on 10 January 2018

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Transcript of Warm Up

1. My friends and (me, I) watch movies together.
2. (Us, we) meet at the park yesterdat.
3. (She, her) and Peter bring soda and candy.
4. (They, them) often have chips.
5. Jane and (I, me) usually bring the movie.
6. Sometimes (we, us) can't decide what to watch.
7. David and (she, her) suggested The Minion Movie.
8. Anthony and (he, him) had never seen the film.
Pronouns day 1
John voted for president yesterday.
Is the speaker speaking about him/herself, to someone else, or about someone else?
Number: Look at whether the noun in need of replacement is singular or plural
Person: Look at who is being spoken to/about
1st person: I, me, we, us
2nd: You
3rd: He, she, it, him, her, them, they
Warm Up
What is a pronoun, and how do you decide which one to use?
There are many kinds of pronouns: personal, relative, indefinite, intensive, reflexive, interrogative, and demonstrative,
We are starting with personal pronouns
Two kinds of personal pronouns: subject and object.
The subject is the doer of the action; objects receive action.
Once you know if you are talking about doer or receiver of the action, you need to look at person, number, and gender to figure out which one to use.
Gender: Look at whether the noun being replaced is feminine, masculine, or neutral
Neutral: It, they, them, us, we
Is the noun being replaced singular or plural?
What pronoun would be used for John?
Is the noun being replaced masculine or feminine?
John voted for president yesterday.
Let's replace "John"
John is masculine, singuluar, and the speaker is speaking about someone else.
So, John is replaced with he.
He voted for president yesterday.
John voted for president yesterday.
Let's replace president.
Tell the person, number, and gender for the red pronouns in these sentences.
1. Recently,
went sledding with friends.
2. People know
as the best sledder in school.
4. The snow fell, and
covered the mountains
5. I helped
find the perfect sled.
6. The dogs play in the snow with
7. The resort workers helped gave lessons to
Now, let's focus on the person pronouns called subject pronouns.
Subject pronouns replace the subject, the doer of the action.
Subject pronouns: I, you, he, she, it, we they
People like to say me, him, and her are doing something when the action is being done by more than one person...don't!
If you aren't sure of what pronoun to use, drop the other person or thing's name or pronoun out of the sentence. Then, determine whether you need a subject pronoun or not.
Let's discuss "When I was Puerto Rican"
Now, let's discuss the setting.
vocab ch 9 quiz Monday
spelling for ch 8 also Monday.
IXL c.1, c.2, and c.4
Reading midterm 1/12, English midterm 1/16
My mom took us shopping.
Tell the gender, number, and person of "us."
Jane and
bought the groceries.
and the toys go in the basement.
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