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History of the Canadian Flags

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Madeleine Evans

on 17 April 2014

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Transcript of History of the Canadian Flags

History of the Canadian Flags
Canada used The Union Jack as it's official flag from 1801-1965 because Canada used to be a part of the British Colonies until 1931.
From 1868-1922 this flag was used as the unofficial National Flag of Canada. The Flag is a Red Ensign defaced with the arms of the four original provinces of Canada.
In 1867 Alexander Muir penned "The Maple Leaf Forever" as a song for confederation.
The Great Canadian Flag debate began in 1964. After several submissions it was down to two flags, Pearson's chosen flag nicknamed as "The Pearson Pennant" and The Maple Leaf by George Stanley.
From 1957-1965 the Red Ensign flag that had the Royal Arms of Canada was used, unofficially. The maple leaves at the bottom of the shield were changed to red instead of green because of Canada's national colours.
On February 15, 1965 Canada's National Flag was official. The Maple Leaf created by George Stanley. It was adopted to replace the Union Jack. The Maple Leaf is the flag that we now use today.
This flag was used unofficially for Canada from 1922-1957. This flag is Red Ensign defaced with the Royal Arms of Canada. The maple leaves at the bottom of the shield are green.
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