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No description

Alicia Walker

on 27 January 2015

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Transcript of YOU MAJORED IN WHAT?

Chapter 1: A Butterfly Flaps Its Wings and You Find a Job
Chapter 3: Mental Wanderings
The Value of Thinking
10 Important Mindsets:
1. Systems 6. Global
2. Creative 7. Collaborative
3. Analytic 8. Reflective
4. Strategic 9. Flexible/Adaptive
5. Positive 10. Problem Solving
Chapter 4: Wandering Beyond Majors and Minors
Your major is not your end goal; its a series of classes that will help you accomplish your goal

Classes provide metaknowledge

Written by Katharine Brooks, Ed.D.
Presented by Alicia Walker
Career Counselor, Career Services Office
University of South Florida

Myth of the Linear Path
Major in Art Become a Cartoonist
Linear Thinking Statements
"My major equals my career""
"I can't do much with a Liberal Arts degree"
"I guess I should go to grad school"
How People Really Find Jobs
Chaos Theory- Helps us understand that too many variables in a complex system make it hard to predict the outcome.
Forms the basis of the Wise Wanderings Theory
Based on mathematical formulas originally designed to develop a better weather prediction model
Butterfly Effect- Small elements can change outcomes
5 Basic Tenets of Chaos Theory
1. Assess Knowledge
2. Use Abductive Reasoning
3. Change Occurs Constantly
4. Systems Reveal Order
5. Attractors Control Behavior

Chapter 2: Connecting the Dots
Wandering Map
Includes anything significant to you:
Analyze Your Map
1. Identify Basic Categories
link them
2. Identify Themes and Threads
list them
3. Make new links based on themes and threads
Map your Major
1. Write name of major
2. Write down these words: courses, skills, theories, interesting items, knowledge, related courses
3. Jot down ideas related to each of these categories
4. Look at the map and find what pops out the most for you
Sell Your Major to Employers
What knowledge, mindsets, or approach would someone with your major bring to a workplace?
Become the World's Greatest!!!
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