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Faces in Limbo

No description

Angela Carlson

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Faces in Limbo

Who are
we, and
have we
done? The ACSSCA Administration The Angela Carlson Sam Shapiro Cultural Anthropology Administration Angela Carlson & Sam Shapiro
The Great Depression Honors Course
Erin McCarthy
The FSA Photography Project Objective:
To create a documentation of modern day culture and society
Emulating the work of Dorothea Lange & Roy Stryker
To mimic the functions of the FSA Historical Section
To identify the correlations between the 1930s Great Depression Era & Modern Day
College Graduate generation
Economic & Financial Issues
Stress and the Individual Primary Sources of the 1930s The Campus Life, 1930s Primary Sources of the
Modern Day Methods Studs Terkel, Hard Times (398-401) "I set out for the University of Kansas on a September morning with $30 that I'd borrowed from my local bank. I had one suit and one necktie and one pair of shoes. My mother had spent several days putting together a couple of wooden cases of canned fruites and vegetables. My father, a country lawyer, had taken as a legal fee a 1915 Buick touring car. It was not in particularly good condition, but it was good enough to get me there. It fell to pieces and it never got back home anymore." - Robert Gard Primary Research: 1930's primary documents, 2012 primary documents.
Identified common themes
Focused on the educational standards that existed in the 1930s, their predictions of the New education, and the outcome of it 75 years later.
Field Studies
Camera Rental: Canon G12
Olympus Linear PCM Recorder
Conducted Interviews
Aimed to understand students' personal experiences in dealing with education, employment, and anxiety.
Processed Our Footage
over 500 photos
over 1 hour of recorded interviews audio
Edit and Present Focus 2016: Columbia College Chicago Administration's strategic plans for the future that are being developed “at a time when Higher Education in this country is experiencing a crisis of confidence, where increasing tuition costs, economic uncertainty and high unemployment rates for college graduates have combined to create a skepticism regarding the value of a college education” (Carter 9).
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