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tech. com

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Athiqurahman Abdul Hamid

on 23 December 2012

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Transcript of tech. com

Introduction Security post guard :
guards only allow vehicle which has sticker
focuses on the entrance of the apartment
Sometimes UNITEN Home Guard do rounds Present System Poor level of the security system.
Student’s carelessness
Regular rounds are not performed - guards not aware on apartment blocks Problem With Present System •To reduce the theft rate in UNITEN’s accommodation.

•To improvise the security systems in hostels.

•To ensure that students are aware of theft and takes care of their belongings.

•To increase the technical equipments such as CCTV so that higher possibilities to trap the thieves who causes problem in UNITEN’s accommodation.

•To maintain UNITEN’s reputation as a ‘safe’ university. Objective 1. CCTV
Installing CCTV inside the security room
3 CCTV = RM 4500
whole movement in the security room is recorded Solution 2.Solar Panel Green Energy
Reduce electricity bill
Flow of energy if power supply failure 3. Grill Problem :
Rules set by fire department
Solution :
Fix at the security room 4. ID System
ID need to be touched to enter the room 5.Locker Room
High tech locker room
Monitored by CCTV
Steel locker can stay longer
Maintenance just little. Method Approval:
UNITEN Accommodation Testing The Room Find a place:
Rest room chosen - only few students using and mostly weekend
Reduce cost Building Security Room Create a system that maximize the security Installment Security system inside Amanah Apartment in UNITEN

Why Amanah ?
current system fails
high cases of steeling rate

We have to act to ensure this don't happen

Different system need to be used Having administrative assistants to create imaginary schedule of students for one month.
Stimulate actual event so that by doing so conflict will rise
After solving the system the room can then be successfully used. Duration : 3 day
Solar panel is used to generate electricity to the room
Design a program that can have all the students’ data
Alert them through their phone if there is thief entering the room
Video captured by CCTV need to be saved in a server Testing Installation Designing Program Coding Duration : 4 days
Coding for the ID card lock
C++ language is used Duration : 2 days
Installation and coding into the prototype
Ensure whether the prototype system works - real system. User Manuals Set of instruction explaining technical and working of system Duration : 4 days
Consider on where to place the entire locker
Where to place the CCTV
Install the solar panel at the apartment’s roof
Installation of all wiring system Schedule Conclusion By implementing this system - students belongings will be secure

Reduce man power

Moving together with advanced technology

Help students and university itself

Can be a module sample for other University apartment Team Members Nur Syazwani Jamaluddin

Bachelors in Electrics and Electrical (UNITEN)

Masters in electrics and electrical - Solar Panel

Expertise - Designing solar panel Athiqurrahman Abdul Hamid

Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering

Masters in Mechanical Engineering

Project on 360 degree CCTV Different
perspectives Siti NurLiana Binti Ahmad
Bachelor’s in Electronics Engineering
Masters of Electrics and Electrical - Radio Frequency Rage
Working experience - Engineer in security company Nisha Nair D/O R. Sackeran

Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering

Working - manufacturing engineer at SecureLock Company
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