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William Harvey: Father of Cardiology

No description

Angel C

on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of William Harvey: Father of Cardiology

Main Contributions
Habits of Mind
William Harvey: Father of Cardiology
Home and Hobbies
Who is William Harvey?
Born in Folkestone, Kent, England.
April 1, 1578.
Father was Jurat At Folkestone
Oldest of Seven siblings
Wife was named Elizabeth Brown
Got the Skills?
Hieronymus Fabricius
Died Of A Stroke at the age of 79.

Burried at St Andrew Churchyard, Hempstead,England.
There were already theories put into practice
Used "unconventional" methods to further his knowledge
Stephen Hawking
Paul Carbone
Funny but extremely accurate
Absorbed by his own thinking
Open and direct conversations
Devoted Birdwatcher
Love for Literature
The Circulatory system is incredibly complex
Aortic Bypass Surgery
Paved the way for modern cardiology
The way in which a living organism or bodily parts function

Thoracic Surgeons
Heart Transplants

Don Thompson
What Did He Do?
How Does This Affect Us Today?

He further documented over the circulation of blood within the human body.
He proved that blood did not originate in the liver as previously thought.
By studying the heartbeat he discovered the one way flow of blood.
He figured out that there must be a constant amount of blood flowing through the arteries and returning through the veins of the heart.

Without the knowledge of blood circulation many modern surgeries and vaccines could not be possible.
Private Doctor to King Charles the 1st
Lost patients because of his findings
Disproved previous theories
This breakthrough in human anatomy has built the foundation for modern medicine today.
Many modern practices in medicine are based off the knowledge of blood circulation.
Denton Cooley
He liked to think by himself, often spending the night in caves.
It was where he could contemplate best.
College Professor.
He enjoyed having a good, humorous conversation with others.
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Happy Time
You know what time it is
1. Where is William Harvey buried?
2. Who was his mentor?
3. What types of surgeons were mentioned?
4. Name the Habits of Mind? (Each one is worth one point)
5. What type of person was William Harvey?
6. Where would William Harvey live?
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