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our geometry project :)

Nahla Muldrow

on 15 May 2014

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Transcript of Tri-Team

Linear Pairs
By: Nahla M. ,
Breonia L. , and
Xavier W.

Definition: Half of a sphere, formed when a great circle separates a sphere into two congruent halves.
Parallel Line
Definition: two lines that do not intersect and are coplanar.
Definition: two adjacent angles whose none common sides are opposite rays.
Definition: the slope m of a non-vertical line is the ratio of the vertical change (the rise) to horizontal change (the run) between any two points on the line.
Definition: the distance across a circle through its center.
Vertical Angle
Definition: two angles whose sides form two pairs of opposite rays.
Right Angle
Definition: an angle with a measure equal to 90°.
Definition: part of a line that consists of two points, called endpoints, and all points on the line that are between the endpoints.
Definition: a collection of figures that cover a plane with no gaps or overlaps.
The geometric skills used in this project is the ability to recognize the figures outside of the classroom. To explore the geometric figures in the real world. Also, to correctly define the vocabulary terms of geometry. Many people require the use of geometry in their careers and even everyday life. Jobs like engineering, architecture, and even some medical careers use these skills. Geometry can even help everyday people get accurate measurements of anything from a room to a can of soup.This project demonstrated our knowledge and understanding of the geometry vocabulary terms. It would help on a test by us recognizing the terms and fully understanding the question to answer correctly. This project only covers learned skills instead of the whole chapter.
*The cafeteria table*
*Floor tile in the commons area*
Definition: a figure that is formed by 3 or more line segments (sides).
*Emergency defibrillator box*
*Half wall surrounding the cafeteria*
* The staircase leading up to the second floor*
*Thingie manjig on the wall above the stairs*
*surveillance camera on the ceiling*
*Lamp in Miss Blue's class*
*A fallen book leaning up against stacked books on the book shelf*
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