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Senior College Presentation

No description

Nick DeKoster

on 29 August 2016

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Transcript of Senior College Presentation

Preparation/Organization are the keys to success
Utilize Technology:
Family Connection—our online college and career planning tool
GRCHS Guidance Counselor Web Site has a new tab just for seniors (counselors.grcs.org)
College & University Websites
Senior Year: Getting Started
Career Training Schools
Gap Year (info on our website)
College, 2 year, 2 year transfer, 4 year
We can help you plan for many OPTIONS
Much lower tuition costs (e.g. $100/credit hour vs. $700 per credit hour)
Focus on a trade
Opportunity to improve academic record and transfer
May help you further explore your educational future
Easy to apply and take classes
Flexible schedule
now offering residence life
Community and Technical Colleges
our Philosophy
there is a path out there for everyone; we are here to help you find yours
College Application
Track all your applications on our new Application Plan
All college applications are ONLINE
Visit college websites to locate application information before you start
Use The Common Application if you are applying to multiple Common App schools
Work on one application at a time & allow someone to review it before sending!
Application: BEFORE You Begin
Most colleges charge a fee for your application.
GRCC – Free
Davenport - Free
Calvin College – Free until Dec. 1 - then $35
Hope College - $35 online
Grand Valley - $30
Mich. State – $65
University of Mich. – $75
Application Fees
(these may change from year to year)
1. The application itself sent
-Be sure to enter application in Family Connection
2. Transcript request
on Family Connection
3. Teacher LOR's request
on Family Conn.
4. ACT/SAT scores sent
5. Counselor Recommendation and Secondary School Report:
must request from Counselor

Critical App. Steps
Many, but not all, colleges require a counselor or secondary school report
Many can be done electronically
If not, download or separate this part of your application and place in our blue folder and deliver it to Ms. Shannon
Fill out all lines completely
Counselor/Secondary School Report: Return to Ms. Hoglund,
Colleges will receive your ACT/SAT Scores if you selected them at the time you registered
You MUST select the same or additional colleges each & every time you register and take an ACT/SAT test
YOU are responsible for updating or sending your scores to additional colleges
Scholarships have been missed because students did not send their most recent test scores
Sending Test Scores to Colleges
Make all requests on Family Connection

The number is dictated by the college; usually no more than 2
Select teachers from academic areas: English, Math, Sci, History, & Language
Ask teachers who know you well
Make sure your Junior Brag sheet is complete and
up to date
A thank you note or some expression of gratitude once finished
Allow a minimum of 2 weeks for a letter to be written
Check Family Connection to make sure your LOR was sent
Letters of Recommendation (LOR)
It’s time to brag.
The purpose of the resume (also called activity list) is for an admissions officer to understand how you have spent your time outside of class. Essays should include how a student’s activities will contribute to a successful college experience.
Be prepared to include the number of hours spent on each of your activities.
Your essay will also showcase your ability to write.
Be YOUnique! Let the essay embody everything you are & put some personality into it. Tell your story and make an impression!
(If required)
You can always view your transcript on NETCLASSROOM
Transcript will include all your senior year courses; you will need this info for you college application(s)
EVERY college will need your high school transcript to process your application
YOU are responsible for requesting transcripts on Family Connection
You must request your transcript through Family Connection
IMPORTANT! If you have not attended GR Christian all 4 years for HS, you are responsible for requesting & sending any additional records, online classes, summer school or transcripts from any & all previously attended high school(s) grades 9 -12 to each college/scholarship application
Be AWARE that deadlines vary depending on the school and program to which you are applying
(e.g. ED deadlines are almost all Nov. 1).
Application Types/Deadlines Vary Widely

Sept. – Nov. 1: Send out applications to colleges. APPLY EARLY!!!
Dec. – April: Late applications if necessary
May 1: Colleges require a final decision and a deposit! $$$
Grand Valley State University
18,122 applicants
14,969 freshman admitted

Michigan State University
32,211 applicants
21,610 freshman admitted

University of Michigan
51,715 applicants
6,229 freshman admitted

*numbers change from year to year
Applications are Soaring
Register online http://elibilitycenter.org
ONLY NEEDED FOR D1 or D2 sports
Notify Counseling Office to send your transcript
bring NCAA Release Form if under age 18
NCAA Eligibility Reminders
Def: A chronic illness characterized by extreme reluctance of students to perform even the most routine requirements of day-to-day living
Cause: Impending Adulthood
Senioritis is not only a waste of time & good education. It can be costly when applying for post -secondary education
Many colleges request a mid-year grade report & a final grade report. They reserve the right to deny you admission should your grades drop

You will need it for :
-Registration ACT & SAT
-College Applications
-Financial Aid Forms
Many merit scholarship deadlines are in December
We will meet with you again about this in November
All scholarships on Family Connection if you want an early start on "other" scholarships
IMPORTANT: FAFSA Completion Night will be on September 28, 2016 at GRCHS
Financial Aid & Scholarships
Two types:
Some are automatic, but most require an application
We will post many local scholarships in Family Connection
Research local scholarships first
Check with employers and professional, civic, or religious
organizations with which you or your parents are affiliated
Check Family Connection
Use a free scholarship search services
Always check with your counselor
Scholarship Search
GRCHS Scholarships
(Available : Counseling Office & Website Link)
Rainbow Foundation
Calvin College
GPA 3.7+ ACT 25+
Servant Leadership
Due: late Feb

Mary Ann Gundy Foreign Language
Major or minor in foreign language $1,000 Due: Feb. 2015
John Zoerhoff Memorial Scholarship
affected by cancer or pursuing a career in medicine
$1,000 Due: Feb. 2015
The most important step now is to get started. It is your life – take charge of it and plan for your future.
and the college admissions process
Preparing for
Do You Need More Testing?
Should you take another test?

School GPA ACT
Central Michigan (avg) 3.30 22
Cornerstone (avg) 3.40 23
Calvin (avg) 3.5 26
Ferris State (min) 2.5 17
GRCC (min) 2.0 18
Grand Valley State (avg) 3.5 24
Hope (avg) 3.75 26
Michigan State (avg) 3.7 25
University of Mich. (avg) 3.8 27-31
Western Michigan (min) 2.0 22
Average GPA/ACT in Michigan
Consider the following when making a decision:

Majors and educational program
Type of school and degrees offered
Location and size
Cost and financial aid
Housing options
College affiliation and accreditation
Campus activities/organizations
Support services
Make sure the college is a good fit!
Create a "Prospective School" list in Family Connection
Start (if you haven’t already) your research

Attend College Night(s)/College Fairs

Visit College Campuses
“Fridays at …” “AQ days” etc

Sign up for GRCHS college representative visits (Family Connection)
*Must sign-up on Family Connection 1 day prior

Narrow down to 3-5 schools, select & apply
For those what haven't started...
West Michigan Christian College Fair
Where: Cornerstone University Athletic Center
When: Monday, Sept. 19
Time: 6:30 – 8:30 pm

West Michigan College Fair
Where: Aquinas College
When: October 20th, 6:00-7:30 pm

Interlochen Fine Arts College Fair
Interlochen Center for the Arts
Sunday, October 9, 2016
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Free College Fairs
Walk around campus
Attend a class or two
Pick up a copy of the latest campus newspaper
Interview admissions & financial aid officers
Talk with several current college students
Visit the dorms/spend the night if possible
Talk with coaches and professors
Record your thoughts & take a camera for a visual record
College Visits
what are they looking for?
No LOR if Brag sheet is not completed
Michigan Common App Schools

Lawrence Tech*
Spring Arbor
Univ. of Detroit Mercy
Univ of Michigan
Before we start...
Mark your calendar:
Wed, Aug 19 @ lunch
in the Writing Center

LOR Continued...
No LOR if Brag sheet is not completed
All about fit
Liberal Arts, Pre-Professional, Co-Op, etc.
Access to advanced degrees
More opportunities in...
Study Abroad
"Away" experience
Diversity in...
Majors and educational programs
Location and size
Housing options
Campus activities/organizations
Support services
4 Year College/University
ACT Dates:
SAT Dates:
*list of Subject Test Colleges on our website
Don't forget the test optional schools...

More info at www.fairtest.org

Career Interest Profiler
Career Investigation
Personality Assessment
Test Prep
College Planning
College Search/Match Tools
Sept 10
Oct 22
Dec 10
Feb 11
Oct 1
Nov 5
Dec 3
Jan 21
RULE #1: Apply when your application looks the best
RULE #2: If rule #1 already met, APPLY EARLY
Rolling Early Action Early Decision I &II*

Regular Restrictive Early Action
Reporting GPA
if you have taken AP classes, you have a weighted and unweighted GPA
always report highest GPA
counselors will also report your highest GPA
coming soon: both GPA's will be on transcript and Family Connection
If applying to Common, please check:
how many teacher recs are allowed
if you need a counselor rec
Really Helpful Documents
Common App
Family Connection
Full transcript