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No description

Wai Wan Choy

on 2 February 2015

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Transcript of Flashbacks

Now to look at
Everything but the Brain
Identify the flashback
Analysing Flashbacks
What is happening now?
Now... let's watch the scene with a flashback!
What does the flashback tell you about Anton Ego's childhood?

What does the dish ratatouille mean to Anton Ego?

Why do you think he enjoys the dish so much?
Example of Flashback - Ratatouille
Watch the edited clip of Ratatouille.

Pay attention to the reactions of the characters to the dish served (ratatouille).

What are the reactions towards the dish?

Do these reactions change after they have tasted the food?

Why do you think the characters reacted in this way?
What are flashbacks useful for?
Create excitement
What is a "flashback"?
a memory set in the past that interrupts the present moment
it is useful for revealing background stories in order to create more meaningful connections with the text
Explain the reason behind a character's actions/reactions
Fill in gaps of background story
Explain the reason behind an event
Event, Action, or Reaction
How did we get there?
What happened in the past?
What similarities or differences are there?
What can the past tell us about the present?
What can the past tell us about ourselves and others?
(What is happening next?)
What can you see in the flashback?
How is it different from the present? How is it similar to the present?
How do you
about these similarities and differences?
In your groups, discuss...
Why do you think Jean Tay wrote these scenes next to each other?
How would you perform or stage these scene?

You may, in your groups, do a dramatised reading/staging.
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