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The Specter Bridegroom

No description

Payton Batte

on 21 November 2014

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Transcript of The Specter Bridegroom

Gothic Elements
Setting is dark and gloomy
Protagonist is isolated
Supernatural or otherwise inexplicable events
Melodramatic emotions
Women in distress
Ascent or descent
Atmosphere of mystery or suspense
Sounds-winds, rain, howling, moaning, etc.
Man vs Man
Characters & Setting
Main Characters- Young Lady, the Specter Bridegroom, the Specter's Comrade

Supporting Characters- the Young Lady's aunt, the people of the castle

Setting- On the "summit of one of the heights of Odenwald on the tract of Upper Germany"
Figurative Language
There are many similes and metaphors in the story. There is also personification.
"... their inconvenient old castles, perched like eagles nests among the mountains..." (Irving 1)
"...had worked old whole stories of the saints in tapestry with such strength of expression in their countenances that they looked like so many souls in purgatory. " (Irving 1)
"...the bed had not been slept in-the window was open-and the bird had flown!"(Irving 8)
"... but Nature, when she grants but one child, always compensates by making it a prodigy..."(Irving 1)

About the Author
A young lady's betrothed husband is murdered by woodland robbers on his way to meet his bride for the first time. After he is killed, his comrade then goes to the young lady's father's castle (The Baron) to tell them the news but the people are so enthralled with his prescence that he doesn't get the chance. The young lady starts to fall in love with him and he starts to fall for her. In the end they get married and live happily ever after.
The Specter Bridegroom
In The Specter Bridegroom, a young lady is betrothed to Count Von Altenburg. However, on his way to meet and be married to the young lady he is killed by bandits. He sends his comrade to send the news of his death, but the comrade and the young lady end up falling in love instead. During the night they are visited by the Specter Bridegroom, and she realizes that the man she thinks is her betrothed is not who she thinks he is.

The theme is misguided love.
We are done!
Ta Da!
Washington Irving was a well known 19th century writer who had written many short stories such as, The Specter Bridegroom. He was born in New York City on April 3, 1783 to Scottish English immigrant parents. Washington Irving was one of eleven children. He was educated privately and he studied law. In 1815 he wrote a collection of stories and essays, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Rip Van Winkle, that were published under the name Geoffrey Crayon. He had spent most of his life in Sunnyside, New York. This is where he finished out his writing career and died on November 28, 1859. In 1999 a film was released based on his short story, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, which Tim Burton starred as the lead and produced.
In the story the young lady falls in love with and marries the person sent to tell her that her betrothed is dead. She doesn't find out about this until her actual betrothed returns as a Specter.
In the end of the Spectre Bridegroom, the "ant" falls in love with the comrad, Sir Harman Von Starkenfaust, who she thinks is her original husband, but its not. Her first hsband that she thinks it is is dead
Convention Examples
(setting) "Hacked corslets, splintered jousting spears, and tattered banners..." (Irving)
"It is now quite fallen to decay, and almost buried..." (Irving 6)
"...there stood many many years since the castle of Sir Von Landshort." (Irving 1)
"She beheld the specter bridegroom!" (Irving)
"A loud shriek at that moment burst upon her ear..." (Irving 9)
"She had been awakened by the music and followed her silently to the window." (Irving 9)
...-the window was open- and the bird had flown!" (Irving 9)
(mystery) "A tall figure stood among the shadows of the trees.. She beheld the specter bridgegroom!" (Irving 9)
The castle clock had just told midnight.." (Irving 9)
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