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Pan's Labyrinth & the fairy tale

No description

Gustavo Subero

on 22 September 2012

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Transcript of Pan's Labyrinth & the fairy tale

Fairy Tales in Pan's Labyrinth Spanish Dark Film released in 2006
Takes place in Spain, May to June 1944
Five years after the Spanish Civil War
Early Francoist period
Plot involves a resistance group trying to undermine the fascist rule
Focuses on Ophelia, the stepdaughter of a Falangist Captain who hunt the rebels Background on Movie "I think that all of them [fairy tales] have a huge quotient of darkness because the one thing that alchemy understands, and fairy tale lore understands, is that you need the vile matter for magic to flourish. You need lead to turn it into gold."

"I think adults need fairytales more than ever right now. I say the dream of the imagination produces creatures and the dream of politicians produces wars." Guillermo Del Toro Daughter of the Underworld King and the Moon
When introduced to the character she is reading the fairy tale
The fairy tale is powerful in the movie
Despite being told to grow up by the surrounding, disillusioned adults, she holds on to her belief in fairy tales. Ofelia, Princess Moanna: Not Your Typical Princess The Faun and the Labyrinth Intentionally Attractive
Obsessed with time and obtaining a son
Trapped in the legacy, a grand narrative, that his own father left behind.
Sadistic and cruel but he has vulnerable, almost sympathetic moments during the movie.
His "dream as a politician" parallel Ofelia's "dream of the imagination." The "Evil" Stepfather - Captain Vidal Themes Disobedience as a virtue Fantasy as part of reality ⁃"Disobedience is one of the strongest signals of your conscience of what is right and what is wrong. When you disobey in an intelligent way, you disobey in a natural way, it turns out to be more beneficial than blind obedience. Blind obedience castrates, negates, hides, and destroys what makes us human." - Guillermo del Toro One is the transit of the girl towards her own center, and towards her own, inside reality, which is real. I think that Western cultures make a difference about inner and outer reality, with one having more weight than the other...and I have found that [the inner] reality is as important as the one that I’m looking at right now. "That's the real purpose of the tests. It's not if she gets the dagger and she gets the key...she can flunk the tests. She believes in herself. She does what she thinks is right...when the real test come...she chooses to put her own life at risk rather than the kid's. That's a real test. That's what makes her immortal." - Guillermo del Toro "You have to pass three tests before the full moon shines in the sky. We have to make sure that your spirit is intact and not become mortal." Faun is a trickster character and not to be completely trusted. "Choice is key in what we are. You choose to be destructive or you choose to be all encompassing and love-giving. Each choice defines who we are, no matter what the reason behind it is, because everybody values the reason behind the act, or the idea behind the act more than the reason." Ofelia becomes immortal in the end.

Captain Vidal is forgotten. Power of Choice and Imagination The Fairy Tale Formula *Prepubescent heroine
*Intrinsically good
*Three tasks to prove her worth
*And she lived happily ever after Blood and the feminine The Menarche
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