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Illinois Learning Standards in relation to the Common Core

Learning standards and common core

lisa lantvit

on 2 June 2011

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Transcript of Illinois Learning Standards in relation to the Common Core

Illinois Learning Standards
Incorporating the Common Core A closer look at education reform in Illinois- focus on the four Turning Around the Lowest Achieving Schools Data Systems to Support Instruction Effective Teachers and LeadersPEAC http://www.isbe.net/PEAC/default.htm Standards & Assessments WHY??? To get every student college and career ready WHAT....Common Core Standards
(Adopted June 2010) Evolution not a revolution Fewer, clearer, higher State led - not federally developed Aligned to college and career readiness expectations College and Career Readiness Skills demonstrate independence build strong content knowledge respond to varying demands of audience, task, purpose discipline comprehend as well as critique value evidence use technology and digital media strategically and capably come to understand other perspectives and cultures Key Math Points Focus in early grades on number and numeration Algebraic readiness by eighth grade Geometric concepts in the middle grades Real world application, problem solving Mathematical practices are recommended which cut across learning K-12 ELA & Literacy Understanding complex text Using language for different audiences, purposes and tasks Systematic attention to vocabulary development Balance of literature and informational text Writing, writing, writing Reading in the content areas What should I be doing in the classroom? FOCUS ON: Reading- Is it complex? Writing – How much are students writing? Are they able to clearly draw evidence, form an argument, etc? Academic Vocabulary Non-fiction Text – beyond the memoirs, dense text Science and Social Studies - Reading to build knowledge, writing to describe events or scientific explanations Increased focus on the foundation of mathematics (Number and Quantity) from the earliest grades Math interventions are needed for students falling behind at the earliest grades Greater understanding of mathematical processes and practice
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