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Second Language Acquisition - A Personal Reflection

No description

Jan İpek

on 1 January 2013

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Transcript of Second Language Acquisition - A Personal Reflection

LANGUAGE ACQUISITION Janet E. Ipek SECOND Learning is the result of complex
interactions between the individual
and the environment. So, here is my problem…. Learners will be successful if there are fewer social and psychological distances between them and the speakers of the second language. Any learning is understood as a matter of neural networks. Learning is a socially mediated process The gap between what the learner wants to say and
what s/he can say. Subconscious acquisition, not conscious learning. Is there a period when language acquisition is best? Chomsky sees language as a mirror of the mind. Language is a set of structures and acquisition as a matter of
habit formation. first we learn how to do conversation and we learn how to interact verbally
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