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Genre Connections

No description

Jessica Varner

on 28 July 2016

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Transcript of Genre Connections

Genre Connections

3 Text Classroom
1. Judy Wallis (whole, part, whole)
2. Text 1 - anchor text with followed mini lessons
- Modeling/Demonstrating
- Student talk incorporated
- TEKS based (unwrapped)
3. Text 2 - small group text (same genre)
- Practice without penalty
4. Text 3 - student choice and used during independent reading (any genre)
- Conferring

Classroom Environment
1. Cosmetics
- Anchor charts supporting
- Organized for students
2. Classroom libraries (40 books per year)
3. Student talk
- All content areas
- Teacher versus student
- Accountable (stems)
Explicit Teaching
1. Reading/Writing Workshop
- Long-term goal
- Short term goal (Read to Self)
2. Anchor lesson followed by mini lessons (quick win)
3. Genre Wall
- Genre-based comprehension questions
- Benefits teacher and students
4. Use Figure 19 STAAR Stems (handout)
1. Model teachers
2. Genres based on grade-level
3. Serves as a tool for explicit teaching
4. Add to wall throughout the year - helping students make genre based connections (location)
5. STAAR is now a genre based test
District Trends
(Judy Wallis)

1. Big picture (with background information)
- Modeling/Demonstrating (explicit teaching)
- Student talk (teacher versus students)
2. Starting point
- Genre Walls
3. Support moving forward
Jessica Varner
District Instructional Coach
Where to start?
1. Anchor Lesson
- Over specific genre
2. Immerse students in that specific type of genre (12 pieces)
- "Marinate them"
3. Students come up with generalizations/qualities
- Mini anchor chart on wall
- Primary - qualities
- Intermediate - must have/may have
4. Add book covers as you read in class
- Helps with connections
Genre Walls
Moving forward...
1. Use handouts as resources (emailed)
2. Immerse yourselves in varying genres
3. Create Genre Wall as an instructional tool
4. Email me for assistance: jvarner@lcisd.org
5. Call/text: (325)669-6023

- Notice the groupings of genres
- Notice the book covers
- Notice the usage of the "Genre Posters"
- Notice the "Qualities" charts
- Notice the groupings of genres
- Notice the book covers
- Notice the usage of the "Genre Posters"
- Notice the "Must/May Have" charts
(supporting Reading and Writing)
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