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What task does the robot perform? What human task does this

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Lexie Nelson

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of What task does the robot perform? What human task does this

Developed by Honda

What task does the robot perform? What human task does this robot simulate?
The ASIMO robot helps out around the house doing tasks that a person confined to a wheelchair or bed might not be able to accomplish. He usually performs ranging from pouring a glass of water to cleaning the house.

Where is the robot used? What is its work envelope?
This robot is used in houses or building in which assistance is needed. They currently have an ASIMO robot working in a building in Japan where they can monitor its progress.
Honda developers determined the work envelope after studying and imitating human motions with the ASIMO robot. ASIMO was given 34 degrees of freedom with over 50 joints.

Is the robot end effector multi-functional? If so what other tasks can it perform?
The ASIMO robot can do accomplish many amazing feats. It can imitate tasks of those that a human would do without the emotional response level. ASIMO can turn on light switches, open doors, carry objects, and push carts. The ability to do these tasks make the robotic hands, and the robot multi- functional.

How is the robot taught to perform its task?
The ASIMO is not an autonomous robot therefore it either has to be programmed to do certain tasks in a space that it is familiar with, or it has to be controlled through
Wireless controllers
Voice commands
Laptop installed with correct software
What sensors does the robot have and how does it use these sensors?
The ASIMO robot has
speed sensors
-senses the position of ASIMO's body and the speed at which it is moving
gyroscope sensors
-relays adjustments for balance to the central computer
floor surface sensors
-enhances ASIMO's ability to interact with its environment by detecting objects around ASIMO
ultrasonic sensors
-compares gathered information with maps of the area stored in ASIMO's memory
joint-angle sensors/ six-axis force sensor
-work together to sense muscle power, pressure and joint angles
performs tasks efficiently and consistently
works without complaint
rarely are there any errors
saves time that could be better spent doing something else
Due to the fact that it is technological, it could malfunction
The ASIMO is so capable that it could put many people out of jobs
The ASIMO, however efficient, is slower than a human would be at performing simple tasks
Requires charging
This robot makes our lives easier by simply pouring water into a cup or even performing sign language. It lends a helping hand to those around the house or workplace. It has helped and plans to further help elderly people and disabled people to lead easier daily lives.
What types of jobs/careers can this robot create to provide employment for people?
Not only can engineers be hired to construct the robot, but repair men can also be hired to fix the robot if anything goes wrong. Along with these two jobs, engineers will constantly be recruiting new minds to help in innovating the already mind- blowing robot.
Currently, these robots are not autonomous, meaning that they can't make desicions on their own. I believe that in the future, Honda researchers will discover how to develope an ASIMO robot with a mind of its own.
These robots are currently not opened to the public. In the future, Honda hopes to mass produce the ASIMO robot.
The ASIMO is only designed to function on land. In the future, it may be developed enough to submerge under water.
By Lexie Nelson and Mason O'Neil
Physical Aspects
The ASIMO robot stands at 4 feet and three inches tall. This way the robot can be eye to eye with a person sitting in a bed or a wheelchair. This allows the ASIMO to perform its job without being big and menacing. Often referred to as "a kid wearing a spacesuit", ASIMO's friendly appearance and nonthreatening size work well for the purposes Honda had in mind when creating it.

The ASIMO is the first humanoid robot that can walk on its own and climb stairs
Honda engineers have been working to perfect the ASIMO for 20 years
Honda engineers had to enure that it would be okay with the Vatican to build a robot so eerily human like.
ASIMO's physiology is developed to mimic human physiology
ASIMO has two video cameras for eyes that allow it to recognize its surroundings
You can currently rent an ASIMO for 150,000 dollars a month
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