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BMW Referat Englisch Klasse 9c 13/14 GG

No description

Bene 9c

on 7 January 2014

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Transcript of BMW Referat Englisch Klasse 9c 13/14 GG

BMW Group
BMW Group sales
Why is BMW group successful?
BMW Group contains three different
first class strategy
-high quality
- hightech motoring

integration of ecological themes
- sensible usage of ressources

social responsibility
- good working conditions
- safety at work
What is BMW?
BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke.
In English, that would be: Bavarian Motor Works

Founded in 1917 in Munich as an airplane engine manufacturing company

In the present day, the company produces
cars, motorcycles and high-end bicycles
Record sales of above 1.6 million units a year
24 production facilities in 13 countries,
global sales network comprise more than 140 countries
most valuable brand in car sector (23rd in total),
Opportunity to growth on China market.
What´s effective organization for BMW?
The right People: identify with BMW,
Premium positioning: from making cars to making profit,
Process driven: not personality driven
Bigger part produced in Germany (Bavaria)
Head office in Munich
in developing countries only build up the in Germany produced pieces
The formula of success
BMW is a top company that integrates the strategy of being unique into it's business plan (concentration on premium segment of cars, leadership through innovation and emotional marketing)
BMW vision is targeted towards creating value and to safe future success. They are motivated by their goal to increase the profit.
Vision Number ONE
Target market
BMW itself distinguishes their costumers into two groups interested in value or lifestyle:


"BMW horses are stronger than other horses"
"BMW - The Smart Choice"
"The ultimate driving machine "
Standing for 'New Opportunities' and 'New Efficiency'
They want to be better than their competitors by the using of clean energy and related power.
What does BMW really stand for?
Bob Marley and the Wailers
"I have a BMW. But only because BMW stands for Bob Marley and the Wailers, and not because I need expensive car." Bob Marley
Safety becomes measurable.
The world’s first integrated radar-based distance warning device is installed in the BMW Turbo concept car. The BMW Turbo also measures lateral acceleration forces and warns its driver when the BMW is losing its grip on the road.
Parking made easier.

Unique across Europe: the BMW 7 Series features Park Distance Control (PDC). The system employs ultrasonic sensors to determine distances when parking, and enables precise manoeuvring – even in the tightest of spaces.
Europe’s fastest advisor: a BMW.
With BMW Assist, BMW is the first European manufacturer to offer an extensive safety and services package. The new telematic services include, amongst other features, detailed traffic information and location-relevant information services for filling stations and hotels that can be sent directly from the BMW Call Centre and received in the car.
The essentials at a glance.
BMW is the world’s first manufacturer to introduce a full-colour Head-Up Display. All driver-relevant information is projected onto the windscreen in the driver’s field of vision.
“We believe a company can only think in one set of terms. If you are premium, you have to focus on it.” Helmut Panke
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