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Colin Rachel Jenna- The Nez Perce

Nez Perce Prezi

Beth Smith

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of Colin Rachel Jenna- The Nez Perce

Roles Crafts/material culture Clothing Nez Perce men wore buckskin shirts and leggings with fringe. Women wore dresses with fringe. The Nez Perce lived in the plateau region. They used the forests, mountains', and the rivers to their advantage. The Nez Perce Mens' roles Women dug roots. They gathered
materials like fiber to make clothes. The women gathered plants, berries, and nuts.
They make clay pots and they wove baskets. They made clothes and decorated with
beads, shells, and elk teeth. They made Clay pots, and they made baskets. Tools and wepons BY Colin, Jenna, and Rachel Their Region and Recourecs Men hunted and made weapons for the tribe. They also fished. Food/water sources For food they gather roots, plants, berries, and nuts. Camas root was one of the mains food. They hunted game animals like buffalo. They fish for salmon, trout, and other fish. They get water from Mountain run offs. The Nez Perce used bows and arrows to hunt. For war, they used sheilds and spears. Dwellings and Homes About twenty cone shaped homes were clustered agasint a narrow bank of the stream. During the winter, they have long houses. They bulit a house called pit houses, which is good for all sorts of seasons. They also made a house for unmarried men. Communication They speak a language called Sahption. Only native people in the Northwest of the United states speak this. They did have not written, etc. Bibliography King, David, [2008] First Americans The Nez Perce, Marshall Cavendish, New York.

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