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Sumatran Tiger

No description

summer w

on 2 May 2014

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Transcript of Sumatran Tiger

Sumatran Tiger
Limiting Factors of Population Growth
Density Dependent Factors:
Less food after Krakatoa eruption
Independent Factors:
Krakatoa Volcano eruption
Ways to Help

The Sumatran Tiger Trust

Also WWF and rain forest
organizations also try to protect the Sumatran
Food Web
Humans are the only main
predators of the Sumatran
Tropical Rain Forest
Sumatra, Indonesia
Mostly live by swamps, rivers, and lowlands (The Sumatran Tiger is a good swimmer)
Their coats are slightly darker in color and their stripes are skinnier that make their camouflage better than other tigers
Their facial fur and whiskers are longer. Longer whiskers improve the senses to navigate and hunt in the jungle and also protect it.
The smaller size can help it move quickly
Physical Description
Smallest of the tiger subspecies
Male Sumatran Tigers are around 265 lbs and around 8 feet long
Female Sumatran Tigers are around 200 lbs and around 7 feet long
Has thinner stripes on coat to camouflage itself


Critically endangered: Fewer than 400 in the wild today
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