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Is texting taking its toll on correct usage of language?

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Lauren Wilson

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Is texting taking its toll on correct usage of language?

Texting Is it bad for us? Some say it is, but others disagree. The bad side of the argument is a lot bigger than the good side. it makes us shorten words
doing this makes us get used to it People start to use "text" language in their daily lives. Researchers say that texting is destroying the english language. What is it doing to the English language?
Teachers have seen that the more a student uses texting, the worse thaey become in grammer and spelling. One of the only good things about texting is... that you can comunicate quickly with your freinds and family. phrases like: talk to you later, are shortened to ttyl. But, you can already do that orally and face to face.
However, texting is cheaper than calls. Those were examples of common text language. Parents of students at the University of Alabama found that 64% of their children use text language in assignments they turned in.
70% of all text language is incorrect English 2000 adults in Australia were asked to fill out a survey 17% of them thought that text language made English seem too complicated 22% said they thought text language should be in the dictionary
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