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Daily Life

No description

Noor Abufares

on 24 November 2014

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Transcript of Daily Life

Daily Life
Maichen Cripe
Sydney Calisto
Roman Food
Romans believed that a big meal was very important. They ate many foods like...
Roman Toys

Romans wore Togas but they were hard to move in so they only wore them in public. Togas came in different colors which symbolized different things like black for a funeral.
Rich Roman Food
Rich Roman Food
The Romans
The Roman's ate many foods like...
Sydney Calisto
Noor Abufares
Braeden Sanders
Maichen Cripe
Roman Free Time

Roman Free Time

Where did they hang out?

~Public Baths
Roman Education
Rich children attended
school they learned many
different subjects like...
These are pull toys
~Physical Training
Roman Clothing
Roman Togas
~hard to move in
~came in different colors
~colors would symbolized different things
~The person wearing a toga was upper class.
~ Usually men in the upper class wore it.
~A Toga was out of style, people would wear a tunic
~To the rich was like a long shirt
~To the poor it was a regular dress.
~Tunics could be worn in the military.
Roman Families
The Romans had an order in there families which they would be placed in depending on their importance.
A typical day in Rome
A Typical Day in Rome
Roman Public Baths
~Used in Afternoon
~Very Popular
~Socializing took place

~ Many Jobs in Rome
~ Men had more rights then women
~ Men went in to army commonly
Romans usually started the day off with a small meal.
~Breakfast- Early Morning
~Lunch- Noon
~Dinner- Late at night
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It included:
eaten as soon as the sun
~Fresh Fruit
eaten at around noon
It included:
~Ham or Salami
~Hard boiled eggs
eaten at 4 in the afternoon
and would continue into the night
It included:
~Cooked meat

~Sweeten cakes with honey
~Dates with nuts
~Pine kernels
~Ground Pepper
~Honey Bread
Roman Morning
~rich women were attended
by 3 to 4 slaves.
~Rich women were attended
by 3 to 4 slaves every morning
~ poor women didn't
slaves like that
~Men got dressed,
ate breakfast, and
then off to work
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