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Agent Orange

No description

Samantha S.

on 7 January 2016

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Transcript of Agent Orange

What Can
More Specifics About Affects
And Agent Orang

A chemical used in the Vietnam war
Used to kill the vegetation around and on the mountains.
Causes various birth defects
Caused some soldiers to develop cancer.
Geography & History of Agent Orange
WE can make a difference
Vietnam had many mountains covered in plants
During the Vietnam War, enemy soldiers hid in the plants
Sprayed to kill the plants so enemies could not hide
Still is harmful in some areas called hotspots
You can help support or get involved by going to http://makeagentorangehistory.org/

What is Already Being Done?
Foundations are raising 30 million per year over the next 10 years
The money is going to be used for cleaning up Agent Orange hotspots
Some foundations are raising money to help support the disabled children's families.
Can cause all different types of cancer
Can be passed down from generation to generation
Birth defects can range from small deformations of body parts to heart defects and missing limbs
By: Alex Bell, Molly Glasser, and Samantha Saunders
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