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The Effects of Clear and Dirty Water In Plants

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Diane Vergara

on 27 November 2013

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Transcript of The Effects of Clear and Dirty Water In Plants


The Effects of Clear and Dirty Water in Plants
The Effect of Clear and Dirty Water in Plants
What does water do for a plant in other ways?
It helps the plant to maintain a proper temperature when the water evaporates from the plant. when the moister evaporates form the surface area, it makes the plant to get more water up through the roots, to replace the water that was lost, helping to provide a circulatory system.
The Effects of Clear and Dirty Water In Plants
we test?

The Effects of Clear and Dirty Water in Plants

Kamiya Parmar
Angela Pilmoor
Diane Vergara
Water travels up a plant through xylem vessels, which act like capillaries, it moves the water into the different parts of the plant.
To test our hypothesis, we got two bean plants and watered one plant with clear tap water and the other with dirty melted snow with baking soda. As a result, we found out that the plant with dirty water died and the plant with clear tap water grew taller, healthier and stayed alive.
Watering a plant with baking powder on regular basis will cause the root system to become dehydrated. The will loose ability to absorb and distribute water and may wilt suddenly. Baking powder goes with the absorption of water by the roots.
And the problems
we faced...
is Water
in Plants???
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