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Purchasing Process

Things to remember when buying items for client projects or for Admin work.

Kim Gutierrez

on 2 August 2010

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Transcript of Purchasing Process

Things to Remember When You Need Something... Find a Vendor Purchase Orders
One-time use
Pre-bill anything over $5k
PO Confirmation
PO Variance
Invoice for payment Check Request (EO)
Contract Terms
Special situations
One-time use
Pre-bill anything over $5k Expense Report CC Purchase
travel expenses
admin expenses
vendors who don't accept PO's or Check payments
non travel expenses over $500 should be on a PO or EO products services travel expenses admin expenses Local Online National W-9 Driver License Social Security Federal ID # Utility Bill Establishing a
New Vendor State ID # Purchase Options Purchase Order (PO) Blanket PO (BPO) Check Request (EO) Expense Report Blanket PO
Multiple uses
Open for 1 year
Pre-bill anything over $5k
PO Variance
Invoice for payment

PeopleSoft quote competitive bid prebill >5k
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