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Activity 2: The Pellagra Story

No description

Luke Springer

on 5 September 2013

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Transcript of Activity 2: The Pellagra Story

Activity 2: The Pellagra Story
Did Dr. Goldberger Follow the Scientific Method?

My conclusion is that Dr. Goldberger did indeed follow the scientific method. It seems to be that following the method is the best way to show evidence towards your claim. Goldberger also used this technique when he tried to cure Yellow Fever, Typhus, Dengue Fever, and Typhoid Fever. As you can see, the scientific method is a very useful system for proving your claim.
Did He State the Problem at Hand?
Dr. Goldberger did state the problem. His problem was to find the cause of pellagra, a strange skin disease found in the south.
Did Dr. Goldberger Propose a Hypothesis?
Dr. Goldberger did make a hypothesis. After observing that only poor people (orphans, prisoners, farmers) got pellagra, and the people around them didn't, he hypothesized that the disease was caused by lack of vitamins, not by bacteria, which was the common theory.
Did Dr. Goldberger Conduct an Experiment?
Dr. Goldberger did conduct an experiment. He fed an orphanage with proteins like milk, cheese, and meat. He saw that the children with pellagra were cured, and the children without pellagra were not infected.
Did Dr. Goldberger Analyze His Data?
Dr. Goldberger did analyze his data. He analyzed that after feeding the children a good meal, those with pellagra got better, and those without were not infected.
Did Dr. Goldberger Make a Conclusion and or Repeat the Experiment?
Dr. Goldberger repeated his experiment on eleven prisoners. He put them in a building to test his theory. He made sure to control all the variables. He washed their clothes, screened all the windows, bathed the prisoners, etc. But he gave them a poor meal and sure enough, 7 out of 11 of them got pellagra. He changed their diet to a good meal, and they got better. Dr. Goldberger made the conclusion that a lack of vitamins in food causes pellagra
Did you think that was good? I thought it was good. And did you catch the thing about his previous research? Yeah, found that on wikipedia. Above and Beyond City here I come!
Do you think I'm a little over confident? I mean it's always good to believe in yourself, right?
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