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This is an introduction to reptiles that includes facts that include their characteristics, where they live, and what they eat.

Leah Sobotta

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Reptiles!

Double click anywhere & add an idea Reptiles Characteristics Vertebrates
-they have a backbone Lay Eggs cold blooded
- they can't regulate their body temperature! Tough, dry, scaly skin Breathe with lungs (like mammals,
not gills (like amphibians) What are some reptiles? snakes lizzards alligators crocodiles What regulates their
cold blooded
bodies? Their body temperature
depends on the atmosphere
that surrounds them. They maintain their body temperature
by basking in the sun kind of like this Some live where in the desert. Some live in colder temperatures These reptiles
usually hibernate. Most reptiles use the sense
of sight to get away from
predators and to find food. Most reptiles'
look like
this. Most lizzards have
eyes that can move
independently. Like this Where can reptiles live? ponds lakes seas tree tops but most reptiles
live in deserts mountain
ranges turtles
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