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Okay For Now

No description

Jenna Humburg

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of Okay For Now

Okay For Now
By: Gary D. Schmidt
Plot 1.
A boy named Doug Swieteck moves to a new town called Marysville NY. which he hates
Plot 2.
His father abuses both Doug and his brother, which from his fathers actions rubs off on his brother.
Plot 3.
Doug starts going to the library every saturday after work where he draws pictures of birds.
Doug Swieteck
-Is artistic because he learns different ways to draw the birds at the library
- Is stubborn because he isn't cooperative when he meets anyone
- Is hopeful that his life will start to become better
Lil spicer
- Is eager to learn because she goes to the library when its open just to read
- Is sassy because she was rude when Doug tried to talk to her
- Is distrustful when she locks her bike up thinking Doug might steal it
The story starts out at their first house in an unsaid town somewhere in New York but then transfers into a rundown neighorhood in Marysville New York
The mood that was set in the story that i chose was "embarrasing"
Mood quotation 1.
" I could feel the bird poop starting to crust over in the heat"(schmidt 59) Doug had bird poop on his head which with his dark black hair stood out amazingly
Mood quotation 2.
" He leans down over the first flower and lets fall a glob of spit" (schmidt 62) Lil spicer was there with him and she was so displeased with what dougs brother had done, she hopped onto her bike and had rode off.
If something doesn't work try harder and you might just succeed
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