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What will transport look like in future?

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Nikita Kuksov

on 3 June 2016

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Transcript of What will transport look like in future?

What do we need to have a good and clean transport?
Why is this important?
It's very important, because if we will continue using oil, petroleum and gasoline, this is, what's gonna happen with air and us.
Future Cars
This adorable self-driving car invented by Google will go on the roads this summer. This car will have no steering wheel or pedals, so it's up to the computer, to do all the driving. Most of the cars will look like this. There maximum speed will be 250 km.p.h.
Future Buses
This bus would be powered by hydrogen for zero carbon monoxide emissions and made of a light weight aluminum semi - monocoque construction with injected insulation.
Future Trains
This train will share road with cars, so cars will have more roads and there will be less traffics on the roads.
And those two metal things on the edge will be rails.
Future Bikes And Motorbikes.
Future Trams
Designer called Dima Dashev had designed a tramway, that encourages social interaction among passengers.The tramcars have large windows each and the cars move in a zigzag fashion giving an opportunity to everyone to interact with one another. The tramcars also have elegant and sparse furnishings and balconies.
What Will Transport In The Future Look Like?
By: Nikita Kuksov
Hope you will enjoy!
Wind power Ocean energy Hydro power
Clean vehicles
Heat pumps
Solar energy
Geothermal energy
Bio energy
Which transport should we have then?
To get rid of those problems, what should we do? What should we change and what should we add to our transport?
That is what the scientists are working on now. They already made some ideas about what transport in the future will look like. But to make those ideas reality, they have to work a lot. I also discussed that with the expert who works on the modern technology for the transport.
For now, lets look through those ideas!

Future Planes
Future Boats
Future Helicopters
Future Rockets
Space Elevator
Thanks for watching!
This plane invented by designer Reindy Allendra, is a new project of a Dutch company KLM. It can fit more than 1500 people and can reach a speed of nearly 1000 km.p.h. But it will be way easier to reach that speed if it will go out of the atmosphere to space!
A lot of people ask the question - Will teleportation be possible? And scientists are answering: Yes! It will be possible! But unfortunately it's very hard. Scientists are thinking it will be possible in about 50 - 75 years.
In the pictures below, you can see three different future yachts - motor yacht, electric yacht and yacht on solar energy. You can use them for different destinations. The motor yacht is for big cargo. The electric yacht is for medium amount of cargo, and the yachts that run on solar energy are very small and for very small cargo.
Future helicopters will be like a toy, that we have now. Some of them will even look like them! They will have from 3 to 5 propellers. That will make them quite fast. It will be very easy to command them. Experts are saying it will be like to command a car.
This is a new mega rocket designed by NASA. It is made to go way deeper into the Solar System in a very short amount of time at a very high speed. A short list of its destination will include the moon, nearby asteroids and of course Mars. It will able to carry about four astronauts and it will be launched in 2021.
Space elevator is a concept of engineering facilities for rocket-free run in the cargo space. This design is based on the hypothetical application of the rope, stretched from the top of the planet to the orbital station.
As most of future cars, scientists decided to have also electric bikes and motorbikes. On future bikes you will still have to spin pedals, but electricity will give you more energy. Future motorbikes will be controlled by your body. And electricity will pull it.
Future Hover Boards
Any questions???
This is a quite big area, that scientists are working on now. Experts are saying that, there will be flying hover boards. They will fly on the magnet, that will repel them from the ground. They will be able to fly like 50 meters over the water, but no more than that. Of course they will be very expensive, but still, isn't that cool?
Why did I choose that question?
I chose that question, because I'm interested in the future technology, it's a very open question and all my family members said, that it was nice.
My hypothesis:
Faster, More flying & More clean!
My Conclusion
I found out, that, there will be flying transport, we are not going to need drivers, there will be space elevator, bikes and boats will be electric, motorcycles will have one wheel, helicopters will be like a toys and planes will be able to go to space.
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