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Apoup business networking platform

No description

Hùngkaka Hùngkaka

on 27 June 2014

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Transcript of Apoup business networking platform

Our Mission & Vision
Current Startup Team
apoup - business networking platform
Technology Platform
What do we do?
Apoup presentation
Who we are
What do we do
Mission & Vision
Technology platform
Apo Professional Network Co., Ltd
1575 Nguyen Hoang, An Phu ward,
District 2, Ho Chi Minh City
Tel: +84 905 466 413
Email: contact@apoup.com
Local business people
International employees
Local companies
Global companies
Founders Team:
- Hungkaka Nguyen: Founder & General Manager
- Le, Huu Trung: Founder & Technical Manager
Marketing Team:
- Ha, Thi Khanh Linh: Digital Marketing Manager
Technical Team:
- Luong, Van Hung: Senior Web developer
- Le, Quoc Viet: Junior Web developer
Founders Team
Apoup helps "internet users" build their personal brands and connect to local / global businesses
apoup is a business networking platform
Apoup helps "internet companies" build their brands and connect to local / global talents
Apoup's mission:
make business people and company more well-known and successful.
help business people and company stay connected closely & easily
Apoup's vision
First localized network between local business people & company and then go global.
For business people:
- Create online professional CV
- Spread their voice (news/note/articles)
- Connect to others to build relationships
- Follow company to get update insights
- Find a suitable job and apply directly
- Read updated news from local & global businesses
- Take part in business events
For company:
- Create online profile
- Spread their voice (news/note/ pr articles)
- Connect to job-candidate
- Find potential/talent for company
- Follow others to get update insights
- Create a business event
- Post a job, manage candidate's applications
- Take part in business events
Apoup connect to other Apo projects in order to create an online business ecosystem platform for:
Business people
Local & Global Companies
Discover more at:
www.apocado.com [deal & promotion store]
www.apolopa.com [global business news]
First local:
startup based in Vietnam
Then go global
www.apocado.com [Deal & Promotion Marketplace]
"join apoup
join the next success"
www.apolopa.com [Global Business News]
Apo Project Team
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