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Star Wars

No description

Warren SHS Curator

on 27 July 2017

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Transcript of Star Wars

Vintage Star Wars Toys
Kenner was not prepared for the success of the movie and demand for star wars toys. They soon fell behind in producing them so instead offered an early bird set. The early bird set was pretty much an empty box that came with a certificate you sent in the mail that promised you the figures when they were available.
Once Kenner caught up with demand they started selling individually carded figures on twelve backs. Named that because they advertised 12 figures on the back
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Vintage Star Wars Toys
By .Warren
Star Wars was first envisioned by George Lucas in 1973 and was released in theaters in 1977. The licenses for making toys associated with Star Wars was first offered to MEGO corporation in 1976 but was turned down. The licenses were then picked up by Kenner a company based in Cincinnati Ohio. Kenner thought it would be a fun space line but was not expected to do much.
The original 12 figures and display stand.
Kenner also added three vehicles to the line up with the Land Speeder, X-Wing and Tie Fighter.
In 1978 with the success of the line profit from sales had topped $100 million. Kenner decided to add 9 new 3 3/4 inch action figures, a carrying case, new play sets, new creatures, and new vehicles.
Also in 1978, Kenner came out with a 12 inch Star Wars line.

With Star Wars popularity still growing Kenner started to produce other types of toys from puzzles to view machines.
Kenner continued to do similar things with Star Wars from 1976 when they first got the licenses until 1991 when Kenner was bought by Hasbro.
Worlds largest Star Wars collection!
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