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Paper Towns

No description

Yen Phan

on 26 March 2015

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Transcript of Paper Towns


Challenging Word
Describe the Scene
Paper Towns by John Green
Definiton:capture the fascinated attention of
"I felt like she had become too enthralled
with the pleasure of leaving to construct a proper bread crumb trail."

She was so enthralled with her new toy that she hardly realized how much time passed by.
Margo Roth Spiegelman
Important Value or Ethic
The setting of Paper Towns starts off in Jefferson Park, a small subdivision located in Orlando, Florida. The setting changes throughout the story as Quentin and his friends set off to find Margo outside of Florida. Quentin and his friends end up traveling from Orlando, Florida, to Georgia, South Carolina and then their final destination, Agloe, New York in order to find Margo.
Setting Clues
"Our subdivision, Jefferson Park used to be a navy base."
"So it returned the land to the citizens of Orlando, Florida."
"We're driving to New York."
"We are, however, in Georgia."
"Just after we pass into South Carolina."
"She has relocated her offices from an abandoned mini mall in Florida to an abandoned barn in New York."
" And Agloe is a place where a paper creation became real
"And the South Carolina traffic hurt us."
"I never thought myself to be the kind of person who pees into a mostly empy bottle of Bluefin energy drink while driving through South Carolina.
Picture of Setting
Making a Connection
Favorite Passage
"A paper town for a paper girl," she says. "I read about agloe in this book of "amazing facts" when I was ten or eleven. And I never stopped thinking about it. The truth is that whenever I went up top to the SunTrust building-including that last time with you-I didn't really look down and think about how everything was made of paper. I looked down and thought about how I was made of paper. I was the flimsy-foldable person, not everyone else. And here's the thing about it. People love the idea of a paper girl. They always have. And the worst thing is that I loved it, too.I cultivated it, you know?"
In Paper Towns, Q(Quentin)showed a moral that was good. When Margo was in need of help and asked him for assistance, he agreed and helped her out. This shows how Q(Quentin) is always ready to help out a friend that is in need. Another example is when Margo went missing. When Margo went missing, Q(Quentin) and his friends set off to find Margo, giving up their own graduation in order to do so. This shows how Q(Quentin) was ready to give up one of the most important things in life, in order to find the one he loved. Overall, Paper Towns shows the value of friendship.
Theme of Novel
I believe the theme of Paper Towns is that people are not who we really see them as. Quentin believed Margo was the most perfect, beautiful, and amazing next door neighbor, when in fact, she really wasn't. For example, on pg 14, Quentin says, " Margo Roth Spigelman, whose stories of epic adventures would blow through school like a summer storm." When he said this, he believed that Margo had the perfect life, as she got to travel around everywhere and do awesome things, only to find out that her life truly wasn't. Margo also stated in pg 293, "I looked down and thought about how I was made of paper. I was the flimsy-foldable person, not everyone else." This quote represented how Margo told Quentin that she was just a "paper girl" that people made up and how this wasn't the "real" her.
Quotes That Support the Theme
pg. 8 "I could never stop thinking that maybe she loved mysteries so much that she became one."
pg 293 "A paper town for a paper girl"
pg 293 "I was a flimsy- foldable person, not everyone else. People love the idea of a paper girl."
pg 294 "But I could never be the idea to myself, not all the way."

I can relate to Q(Quentin) when he gave up his graduation in order to find Margo. I can relate to him because if one of my best/close friends were to go missing, I would do the same things that Q did. I would go through all means and give up something important to me like how Q did in order to find that friend.
The reason why I chose the question mark as a symbol for Margo was because she was a mystery. People only knew Margo as the powerful "legend" at school and had no idea that there was a different side to Margo, one that was more vulnerable and fragile. An example is when Q(Quentin) saw Margo as his beautiful, hot next door neighbor, only to witness how Margo wasn't who he thought she was.
Similarities and Differences
Margo Roth Spiegelman
Like mysteries
Love adventures

I chose that passage as my favorite one because to me, it was a powerful speech that Margo delivered, and it struck me me in a way. I thought of it as a powerful speech because Margo was telling Q(Quentin) how she wasn't what everyone thought she was, and how she was a "paper girl" that everyone loved the idea of .
Margo is an eighteen year old teenager that's known to drag people into her mess, as in the story she is shown dragging Quentin out of his bed in order to use his car at 3AM, so that she could get revenge on her ex boyfriend. She is also shown to be adventurous as she and Quentin traveled throughout Florida when she was finished with her revenge. She loved adventures and mysteries a bit too much, that the day after her and Quentin's "adventure", she disappeared and left clues for Quentin to find her. She is also a troublemaker as she ran away from home 4 times and broke into Seaworld with Quentin after she got revenge on her ex boyfriend Chuck. Despite being a troublemaker, Margo has another side to her where she loves reading books and poetry
"I had to picture it, Margo Roth Spiegelman, slumped againstthe tree, her eyes silent, the black blood pouring out of her mouth, everything bloated and distorted because I had taken so long to find her." This was the scene where Q was forced to imagine the harsh reality of what would've happened to Margo if he didn't find her in time. This sets off imagery as we can also imagine what would've happened to Margo because of Q's imagination.
Yen Phan
Period 1
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