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What is Good Graphic Design?

No description

Chloe Reynolds

on 3 September 2012

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Transcript of What is Good Graphic Design?

What is Good Graphic Design? In a world saturated with Graphic Design and Visual Communication, how do you ensure your designs get noticed? Why? instant examples of 'good' graphic design... and some 'bad' examples? Olympic Logos The recent 'London 2012' logo received mixed reviews when it was first released. What do you think of it compared to Olympic Logos from previous years? relating to the nature or characteristic of an individual; personal; individual: 'a subjective evaluation'. Subjective Objective not influenced by personal feelings, interpretations, or prejudice; based on facts; unbiased: an objective opinion. Does taste affect what is deemed to be good or bad graphic design? TASTE Is taste an effective way to gauge how good a design is? How can we tell how good a design is? ‘Good design is always tailored to the message one wishes to communicate.
If our design is more or less a copy of what others have designed, what are we communicating?’ - Stephen Hay, Graphic and Web Design Critic. Effectiveness Here we are not talking about taste - but about results. Communication What are you trying to communicate?
To Whom?
What are the core qualities, principles and values of the product or client.
Consider how you can develop these into a visual language? "to be a good designer you have to take off your shoes, and put on somebody else's"
- Micheal Wolff, founder of Wolff Olins Design should be used to solve problems.
To do that one has to know what the problem is, before they reach for their tool chest. When Designing: Get down to the nitty gritty if you want to produce quality. Investigate the problem at hand in reality. Does the work achieve it's goals? "Design is the method of putting form and content together.

When form predominates meaning is blunted.

When content predominates, interest flags."

-Legendary Graphic Designer, Paul Rand. Order + Variety + Contrast +
Symmetry + Tension + Balance +
Scale + Texture + Space +
Shape + Light + Shade +
Line + Colour = Form form + content design principles graphic design elements and ideas
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