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Magnetic train

Cole WarrenNick AlbrechtAnthony Gonzalez

cole warren

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Magnetic train

Where would it be used? It will be used in big cities and highly populated areas. It also is a expensive train to make, so all highly populated areas that can afford the efficient bullet train will have it because it is very environmentally safe. Magnetic Bullet Train A train that doesn't need electricity or fossil fuels to function. What is its purpose? It's purpose is to transport people place to place without using fossil fuels or electricity. It will be used when people want to go places like work, shopping,or to school and don't want to spend lots of money on gas or don't want to drive. In big cities there are many people who don't have cars and rely on the subway or a normal rain. The bullet train is safe for the environment and can get you were you need to go, fast! Why is this product needed in our society? This product is needed in our society because it reduces pollution in the air. This is because it doesn't use fossil fuels or electricity. Also, its track doesn't ware down as fast as a regular train because there is no friction on the magnetic track. They won't need replacement parts either. Is it a innovation or a invention? It is an innovation because there already is a magnetic bullet train in japan but our train doesn't have rails it just relies on its magnets unlike the japanese bullet train. What problem did this invention solve? This train cuts down on use of fossil fuels so there is less pollution in the air. your
product science technology engineering What is the name of the train? The M.B.T. (Magnetic bullet train). When will it be used? magnetic train we will need
of magnets and
a bullet train a transportation
device it looks like a
bullet 40 feet by 10 feet per cart How does it work? It works with the power of magnetic force. There is magnets on the track which keep the train floating just above the track there is also a magnet that attracts to the train to keep it on the track. math Rail Diagram Citations http://ninpope-physics.comuv.com/maglev/howitworks.php
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