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Cadzow Academy journey so far

No description

Iain Sinclair

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of Cadzow Academy journey so far

Youth Theatre in Strathaven Cadzow Academy of Music & Drama Contents 10 years on... Preparation
10 years on... Design a model
what kind of youth theatre will we create?

Visit local schools and organisations for the young
find the market within the different age groups.

Gauge demand
supply the demand with the appropriate model.

Address the logistics
partnership creation (HMRC)
stationery (e.g. enrolment forms, logo etc)
find a venue
bank account
advertise Preparation Friendly & informal environment
Qualified individuals as leaders
Always striving to produce a quality performance
Always in rehearsals for our next production
Ensure our students enjoy themselves
We are not doing this to make money Ethos Build confidence through performance
Students enjoy a well rounded musical theatre experience
Theatre discipline helps in other areas of their lives'
Social interaction with students from other schools and other areas.
Fun Outcomes Rehearsing for our 20th production
Opened extra class to increase capacity
24 students in 2003; 85 students in 2013
Many students graduated or studying acting, musical theatre, stage design etc.
Many working professionally in the entertainment industry Some show posters Sunday 16th May 2010
Arts Centre East Kilbride some show photos logo
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