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Digital Biz 시간 발표

EunSuk Lee

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Pandora

Digital business 2013521109 LEE Eunsuk Do you know
'PANDORA' ? Only
HOPE KARA subscription radio service 70 % of listening hours over 150 million users select a genre of music The Music Genome Project Will Glaser and
Tim Westergren P2P networks for free Cherry Picker Ad-supported option In 2006,
online retail sites In 2008,
iPhone app
35,000 new users a day Pandora One,
a premium service mostly from ads
in annual revenue Freemium Model NAVER music service you give away 99%
of your product
to sell 1 % MailChimp’s story enhanced services
make 85,000 to 450,000 e-mail marketing campaign Spam Marc Andreessen,
Ning paying customer
= premium user Evernote
a personal note Freemium
strategy Low cost
Zero approaching
Free Most apps
with over 75% Compare Pandora's original business model with
its current business model,
What's the difference between "free" and "freemium" revenue models?
What is
the customer value proposition
that Pandora offers? Why did MailChimp ultimately succeed with a freemium model
but Ning did not?
What's the most important consideration
when considering
a freemium revenue model?
Thank you
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