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Chapter 5 Rooms Division

No description

Yajaira Mendez

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of Chapter 5 Rooms Division

Rooms Division Chapter 5 Rooms Division Heart & soul of
lodging department. 5.1
Getting to Know
the Rooms Division Front Office Housekeeping Employs the largest staff
inspect rooms 5.2
The Guest Cycle 4 guest cycles Pre-Arrival Arrival Occupancy Departure Guests chose which hotel to stay in & makes intial contact When the guest first see the hotel sign and parking lot When the guest arrives at the guestroom Before the guest leaves the room, when the guest begins to pack up. Telephone Courtesy 5.3
Knowledge for All front Office Employees -Smile
-Speak Clear
-No Slang
-3 Rings
-Greeting Guestroom Types Accessible
Business class
Smoking/Nonsmoking Giving Directions Simple
No Pointing
Use Maps Cleaning Supplies 5.4
Knowledge for All Housekeeping Employees Wear gloves & goggles
Don't mix chemicals Housekeeping employees report: Stains or dirt on carpet
Pets or signs of pets
Cigarette burns
Missing furniture
broken lint screens What makes a good concierge? 5.5
Concierge and Retail Cashier Enthusiasm, Organization, Efficiency, Sense of
Humor, Sensativity, Stamina, Discretion, Warm
and friendly personality. Retail Cashiers responsible for: -Assisting guests as they make purchase selections
-Ringing transactions using a variety of payment methods
-Stocking and maintaining displays
-Protecting cash and merchandise from theft and loss
-Answering guest questions and providing information to guests Register
Receive room assignments
service, facilities, & communities
Check out Uniformed service Bell Attendants
Valet parking Attendants
Transportation personnel
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