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on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of Wyotech

Wyotech by: Angel Yucute
What is this college known?
cost for room, board and tuition
The cost for both together room and board is $6,975.00.

The tuition cost like about $29,250.00 is for both In-state and Out-state tuition.
The location/ address and phone number
Wyotech is known for teaching students about the automotive, diesel , motorcycle, marine, collision, refinishing, plumbing, and electrician career fields.
Wyotech's History
Wyotech was found in June 1966 when 22 students from wyoming and surrounding states started their careers in Automotive technology in Laramie ,wyoming.

Location: Long Beach CA.
Address: 2161 Technology Place, Long Beach, CA, 90810.
Phone number: (562) 624-9530
How far from CRMA#4?
Wyotech is about 25 minutes - 15.7 miles far from CRMA #4
What is the percent of men / women at that campus?
The percent of men at Wyotech is 79% and women is 21%.
White = 12%
Hispanic = 62%
Black = 11%
Asian = 5%
Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander = 1%
American Indian or Alaska Native = 1%
2 or more races = 1%
International = 1%
Unknown = 7%
The percentage of Ethnicity at that campus
Sports and Majors
Sports not offer
Major = Automobile, Autobody, Business Administration, Diesel Mechanic technology, Mechanic and repair technologies, Upholstery.
Clubs = Academics only
Organizations =None
What type of clubs, organizations are there?
Any Important facts about the college?
The majority of students enroll get to graduate from it.
Would this school be a good fit for you? Why or why not?
This school it fits good because you get to build and learn about car engines, motorcycles, and cars. It will about two-four years to get my degree in this school.
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