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10 ways to amaze your teacher by presentation.


Nam David

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of 10 ways to amaze your teacher by presentation.

10 ways to amaze teachers through presentation! First Eye Contact! Eye contact is one of the most important skills needed because
when you are eye contacted with the audience, they know that
you are talking to them. Attention! You need to get the peoples attention to make sure they are listening.
Getting attention also makes them more interested into your topic. Loud and Clear Voice!! Loud voice helps the audience to understand
more easely. Also, Loud voice can get audiences attention
as well. Clear voice also helps the audience to understand the topic very well.
Rehearsing! I think rehearsing is very important because
it makes sure that you are ready for everything.
Also its a good quick review before presenting. Understand The Topic! If you dont understand your topic, you wont
have a clear message that you can give out.
Also if you dont understand your topic,
you wont be able to answer the questions that
other people asks. Use motions & gestures! Using motions and gestures helps the audience
understand better through the motions. Motions
and gestures can make the presentation very interesting. Keep the pace ! When you are having presentation, you want to
make sure that your pace is steady that the audiences
can understand what you are trying to say. Posture!
Posture is very important in presentation.
Proper posture will give the audience full attetion
to your presentation. But when your posture is messed up
such as running around the class, they wont be able to forcus
on your presentation. Keep the time limit! If we dont keep the time limit, it will cause
the audience to be bored. Because the audience cant
listen for ever, we have to try to keep the time limit.
Be confident! It is hard to be confident infront of
groups of people. But being confident is one of the steps we have to go through to make a good-fine presentation. If you are not confident, you will start to do bad habits like murmuring. It will cause the audience not to recognize what you are saying.
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