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3D Experience Forum 2012


Frederic BREHIER

on 26 April 2016

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Transcript of 3D Experience Forum 2012

Special Thanks to
French Look
Friday Star
Bermie II
Netanya 8
Cloud 9
CMN Military History
Structure Design
Direct SDD design
Rare use of SFD
Transfer to SR1 via the PPG
Use of Delmia SP2
Use of Act Cut (ALMA) for nesting
work together for 30 years, we can trust each other
Semi automatic production drawings
Nesting in Act Cut from Delmia dxf
Equipment arrangement
Rough design
Hull surface designed in CIRCE
Hydrostatic & Dynamic calculation in MAAT Hydro
Entire 3D model created in CATIA to get GA drawing
Style design in CATIA + 3dSmax
Design of equipments or light version from suppliers import (step, cgr, wrml ...)
Positioning of main equipment for future systems rooting using diagram
Impact analysis
Creation of arrangement drawing for production
Systems design
Management of piping and HVAC
Intelligent 2D diagrams
Space reservation
Link between 2D and 3D
Automatic placement of components
Check integrity between 3D result and 2D design
3D Coordination
DMU manipulation
Design revue
Clash detection
decide to anticipate the future
think about sustainable innovation
accept to change the rules

Can we turn this :
Into that ?
well ... almost !
But I'm sure DS is going to do something about that !
is proud to announce the next step of the 3D project :

Implementation of the entire electrical process into CATIA
Automatic isometric drawing generation
One more thing...
at the end, why we are doing all that ?
Show me what I'm paying (a lot) for
Design department
design the perfection
Off the records ...
Work with great tools :)
Optimize the process
Stop telling me what to do and start designing it right at the first time !
department perspective
are you seriously telling that I'm paying that much every year !
Just kidding :) ...
There are no bugs, just minor improvements to make ...
Cost control
Why did design department spent that much hours for this project ?!?
Do the company earn any money with that ?
Do I have more orders thanks to that ?
3D is a great tool for so many reasons but at the end, only one single thing matters :
What is the added value for my customers ?
CMN 3D mockup Process with CATIA & SMARTEAM
To make it simple
3D should :
Be realistic
Be perfect even in the smallest detail
Be easy and fast to use
Be accurate
Be understandable by everyone
generate money by itself
be free
prevent people for making mistakes ...
Oh yes, I forgot ... it should make the coffee as well
Truth is :
"The Devil is in the details "
Thank you !
PLM Management
Management of every 3D and 2D files
Complete life cycle management and revision control
Viewer use for preparation and production teams
Link with the ERP system for the drawings
Quality documents management (in progress, will be in production at the end of the year)
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