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Ireland Summer Study Abroad 2014

No description

Jessica O'Hara

on 5 December 2016

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Transcript of Ireland Summer Study Abroad 2014

Ireland Summer Study Abroad
Ireland Summer Study Abroad 2014
The Cost
The Trip Format
First Stop: Dublin!
Professor Helen O'Leary, Art &
Professors Mark Morrison, Janet Lyon and Jessica O'Hara, English
Dublin/Achill Island/Galway/West Cork
9 credits, total
3-credit ART class
3-credit ENGL class (fulfills international literacy gen ed)
3-credit independent study in either ART or ENGL, completed in August after Ireland trip concludes

Courses can be taken at different levels to satisfy student requirements.
Tuition and Fees: $9,488

Estimated Airfare:

Estimated Personal Spending and Supplies:

Housing and program-related expenses are covered by course fees. Board is covered during the Achill Island and West Cork portions of the trip.
This study abroad is an invigorating combination of traditional class and studio work,

outings to dramatic performances,
museums, and galleries,

readings and workshops with
renowned Irish artists and writers,
and daytrips to stunning landscapes and
important literary and historical sites.
We'll visit well-known galleries and museums and catch a few plays. Guess where we'll stay?
Trinity College, in the heart of the city and home to the famed Book of Kells
Next stop: Achill Island
In lovely Achill Island in County Mayo, students will work in a spacious studio and meet renowned Irish poets, Vona Groake and Paul Durcan.
Students will stay in wi-fi-equipped holiday homes, where breakfast and lunch will be delivered by the local grocer and lovely dinners will be served in Achill's top-notch restaurant.
Possibilities for day-trips abound, from the iconic Kylemore Abbey, to biking trips on the 42k Great Western Greenway to Westport, to boat trips to picturesque islands such as Inishbofin and Inishark.
Next Stop: Galway
This charming medieval port city will be our home for five days and our launching point to visit literary landmarks.
Galway is renowned for its pub culture, charming streetscapes, and music and art scenes.
On to Allihies!
Here, in this tiny coastal village in West Cork, we will meet acclaimed poets Paula Meehan, Theo Dorgan, Tony Curtis, and Leanne O'Sullivan. We'll also meet abstract artist Charlie Tyrell and sociologist Kieran Keohane.
Students stay with local families in Allihies, making lasting local connections with this initmate community.
Representing the Irish Landscape
At some point, on your seven-hour plane ride from the East Coast, you're going to stare out the window at the clouds and the water beneath the plane and wonder if you made the right decision to spend a month of your precious summer taking a few intensive classes abroad. I promise you that when you look out the window on the way back all you'll be thinking of is an elaborate scheme to get the aircraft to turn around. Ireland is a truly magic place but nothing beats the friendships you make with both the people on the trip (professors included!) as well as the locals you sit next to in every pub. There's nothing that can compare to studying subjects where they were conceived, walking with the authors and painters strolled, and engaging in the landscape on a physical and emotional level. Five years ago and it seems like yesterday.

Jason Hellerman
Ireland '09
I went on this trip this past summer, and I can say that, hands down, it was the best experience of my life. The whole experience felt like a dream, and I am dying to go back.
Colleen Blake, Ireland '13

Kaeley Boyle, Ireland '11
"Ireland: it's the bomb diggity."
The Program
Helen O'Leary
Jessica O'Hara
Or visit http://gpglobalea.gp.psu.edu/index.cfm?FuseAction=programs.ViewProgram&Program_ID=10095
For more information, contact
Jess Hutchinson, Ireland '09

There is no better way to study Irish literature than in the cities, streets, woods and coastal towns where it was written. This program was the most fulfilling educational endeavor and still the highlight of all my travel experience. You will grow close to your classmates and fall in love with the beauty and culture of Ireland. The professors I traveled with were knowledgable and fun and have remained in my life as mentors I cherish.
Going to Ireland had always been a dream of mine, but that experience was more than just a fun way to see the country for me. I remember catching myself several different times staring in utter disbelief at the beautiful landscapes that are literally all around. The group that I had the honor to share this experience with feels like family to me. During our trip, we had the privilege of meeting and working with the most amazing poets, learning about fantastic authors, and creating with incredible artists. It seems so strange that one of my favorite memories of the trip was sitting in the middle of a running path in Galway, in front of an ancient broken down castle of no real importance, and attempting to draw it. Moments like that are extraordinarily difficult to come by. Don't get me wrong; we didn't spend a summer abroad looking at rocks. I had the most fun I have ever had in Galway, Allihies, and Dublin. This trip gave us the opportunity to open our eyes to different perspectives and different ideas in such a creative and innovative way. To me, these memories are irreplaceable.
Katie Wanchick
Ireland '11
Helen O'Leary, "Refusal"
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