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Peace Corps 2

No description

John Peterson

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of Peace Corps 2

Peace Corps Peterson, Smola, Frangipane History In 1951, John F. Kennedy suggested that college graduates help less developed countries with their technical advancements. Non-profit religious organizations began sending volunteers overseas to assist the people of these countries. Kennedy first proposed the idea for the Peace Corps at a 1960 presidential campaign and on November 1st, he created the Peace Corps. It was opposed by other politicians such as Richard Nixon, but the Peace Corps came to be. On March 1st, 1961, Kennedy
signed the Executive Order
10924 which officially
established the Peace Corps, and
in July 1962 they began
recruitment. As the years went
on the amount of volunteers
continued to grow. What's involved? World Travel Volunteers in the Peace Corps travel wherever
their help is needed. The places range all the way
from Asia and Europe, to Africa and Central
and South America. Helping The purpose of the volunteers is for them to help the people in these developing countries. They teach the people about how to improve their education, and develop youths in the community. Volunteers also teach the
people bout health issues such as malnutrition and
clean drinking water. They help farmers increase
their food production and teach them how to
conserve the land. Many volunteers help with
HIV/AIDS initiatives while they're working too. Other ways that volunteers help the people of the countries is by helping to keep people free of malaria, which is a big problem in developing countries. They can teach them about environmental awareness and do activities such as plant trees. Another thing volunteers can do is work in education, government offices, women and youth groups, and more. There' a wide range of things Peace Corps volunteers can do on their mission. Benefits of Volunteering There are many benefits of volunteering for the Peace Corps. Some of those are
student load assistance
travel to and from country
monthly living and housing allowance
medical and dental coverage
48 paid vacation days
unique graduate school opportunities Learn more at Peacecorps.com The End
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