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media assignment

this is my media assignment

Adam Douglass

on 28 February 2011

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Transcript of media assignment

what is the media bias in the media money Karl stefanovic drunk incident why do they show bias how do they show bias The main reasons that the media is bias in the stories and conversations they have, is the money they receive. Money is pretty much everything in the media. For example why would a journalist be bias towards one group of people if there wasn’t something in it for them, unless there sharing there *opinions* and if your following the objectivity law then being opinionated isn’t doing your job correctly. By adam Douglass ibliography
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jupjupz, 2010, karl at the logies (quicktime) 27/02/11, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gImPQDIFbX0 By ADAM DOUGLASS The Journalistic view of Objectivity means that the journalist should tell the truth, the full story, not take sides and be fair about it. First of all the media is any type of source that feeds information to the public. There are many different forms of media that are heavily relied upon by humans, to gain information on many different issues.

The types of media that are most common are;
News (radio, TV)
Print media (newspapers, magazines, newsletters etc)
Electronic (emails and internet),
Social networks

All these sources of media have a human behind it, and all humans are opinionated. This can cause the stories and articles that are written to become opinionated. This happens in most articles and causes them to become bias What is bias "Bias is a term used to describe a tendency or preference towards a particular perspective, ideology or result, when the tendency interferes with the ability to be impartial, unprejudiced, or objective.. In other words, bias is generally seen as a 'one-sided' perspective: ( bias, 2011 (online), http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bias, accesed 27/02/11) Everybody knows that there is bias in the media, however journalists are supposed to follow the unruled law of objectivity. The Media however, this doesnt always happen. some times people in the media are purposely bias or accidentally bias. objectivity
Money is the most important thing in the media, because its peoples jobs to get insanely juicy news stories that will blow the readers mind and convince them to buy your magazine. This is all fine except when the journalist doesn’t tell the complete truth or at least consider the other side of the story. But they do it anyway to earn the money the need. The only other realistic reason why people are bias in the media is because they have a strong opinion towards one thing or another, which is probably the most common accidental cause of bias. There are many sneaky tricks used by the media to hide there biasness. Here are a few that are mostly used in news programes. Photos and camera angles

Tone of voice

choice of word in headline, and choice of adjectives

importance and position

camera angles/ video selection Photos and camera angles can be used to mislead viewers or readers to think incorrectly of someone. For example, this photo of Katy Perry appears to show her with no makeup on just waking up and isn’t very appealing. This could make someone think she is "ugly", and her overuse of makeup is not a good example to younger girls. However most people no whenever she has her face in the public she looks good and is known for being a good role model, using her voice to inspire kids. She could be compared to someone like lady gaga who is always outrages and most parents wouldn’t want their kid to dress or act like her. The news programmes that showed the Katy Perry photo will have made people think she’s ugly just for some views, which eventuates into money which is immoral. photos and camera angles Tone of voice tone of voice is one way the media can give a bad perspective one someone or something. For example when somethings is bad a news reporter will slow down and speak in a hush type voice, however when something good happens like the local football team winnign they will be jolly and speakin a firm high voice. tone of voice Choice of headline word Almost all stories we read or view have a headline, this is probably the most important part because it determines whether we read the article or not. The words in a headline need to be eye catching so that we read the story, but they can also change the truthful view on a topic. For example on the 27/2/2011 the biggest news story on ninemsn.com said OSCARS glory for Natalie, Colin. This just meant that two actors got a trophy, but if the journalist hadn’t said Glory, the article would definitely feel allot less convincing. But the journalist could also change our opinion by changing the title to, "Social network misses Oscar" this is allot less appealing, theres no glory and the title says it all, leaving no reason for the reader to read the story. Positon and importance

All types of media can shape our view of anything by simply placing news articles in different places. For example, if i see that Colin firth won an Oscar on the front page of the newspaper everyday for a week, I would believe that this is unbelievably amazing. When really he is only doing his job, and how many people out there work harder than him and don’t get paid as much, or recognised for it?
However whilst were all talking about some awards show, there could be an article about people in suburban Canberra being taken and killed in the middle of the newspaper where it gets no publicity and no one is told of the concern. camera angles/ video selection Camera angles and video selection basically means how they portray someone in the news video. for example everyone knows about the tony Abbot incident where he said "# happens" they used selection by not showing the whole situation, the army isn’t a safe place it isn’t like school where there are OH and S rules people do die and tony abbot, although not considerate the victims family, he wasn’t wrong in saying what he said. The other thing the media can do is have awkward camera angles making people look fat or skinny giving the public a different perspective on the person which can be good or bad. The programmes do this to stir up conversation, promote their show and earn more money. big example If you didnt notice those examples all ended up being for money. Money in the media is from attention. news programes who get lots of views can charge more for advertising. Newspapers with good articles will sell more. the other thing the bias articles and tv programes do is get you talking, and word of mouth is one of the best advertisment a tv show can get. In that short video channel sevens today tonight used many different methods of bias to make karl stefanovic look bad. which will promote there show, and will make channel nine and karl look bad, getting more of the public behind channel 7.

once again the methods used in the video were Tone of voice through out

camera angles

they got "proffesional opinions"

public opinons

mad jokes agiainst karl


video selection i beleive that news programs should tell the truth, no matter whats at stake for the journalist. Using the sneaky tricks weve just discussed journalists have been hiding the truth from us, changing our perseptions of things all to promote there form of media and get themselves money. which to me is horrible and shouldnt happen News reporters are the common users of tone of voice. They change the tones in their voice to express their emotion. It can make us, the listeners take their side even though it may be bias. Depending on the situation, the reporter will have a different tone, for example if the local football team wins the local news reporter will have a cheerful voice. If the team was to lose, there would be a less enthusiastic tone.
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