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5 instruments from Cuba

No description

Ava Stevenson

on 12 December 2016

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Transcript of 5 instruments from Cuba

This is a cuban Laud. It's a twelve-stringed guitar and it looks a little bit like a mandolin, but bigger.
This is a Cuban tres, a neat guitar with three groups of two unison strings, making a total of 6 strings.
These are Cuban claves (CLAH-vays). They are wooden sticks that are used by hitting them together. They are part of the percussion family.
This is the Cuban marimbula, a "thumb piano," tuned by loosening the middle bar and moving the medal "fingers" up or down. They can be used harmonically and rhythmically
These are bata drums. The family has 3 drums, all having different sizes and different sounds. They are used by hitting both the top and the bottom of drum.
Estos son los instrumentos de Cuba
And those are some of the most popular and classic instruments of Cuba.
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