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Discrimination Against Aboriginal People-HIF

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michelle calouro

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Discrimination Against Aboriginal People-HIF

What is Discrimination? Discrimination means unequal or different treatment or harassment that causes harm.
Discrimination may may affect hiring of a job based on nationality What do people think of the
First Nation people, Why? Now, if you ask someone about their opinion about First Nations people, they will probably say things like they are; drunks, on welfare, in poverty, etc.
^^TRUE- but this is because, the First Nations were out numbered, and unarmed. they were also oblivious and curious to what the europeans were bringing to them.What people say isn't all true, there are plenty of First Nations people living off reserve Additional
Information some example of previous Native tribes, that originated in Ontario are: The Algonqui
The Cree
The Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) tribes
The Huron
The Ojibwe
The Ottawa
The Neutral
Wenro Discrimination Against
Aboriginal people The First nations people, lived in this land, that is now called; Canada.
They farmed, and used every part of the animal they killed.
They made use of everything the earth supplied them, they never used any cars to travel, or guns, and they didn't have any drugs or alcohol
One day the got visitor from Europe, these 'visitors' gave the First Nations, guns, drugs, alcohol, diseases, and so on.
these visitors took over the land and then the British came and took the land unfairly Where it Started Vocabulary First Nation: The people who originated in Canada. Also, known as; Aboriginals, Indians, and First peoples
Reserve: small areas, away from populated areas; cities Bibliography http://www.native-languages.org/ontario.htm
www.hrlsc.on.ca/en/whatisdiscrimination.aspx FIrst nations people are slowly becoming part of our community, but are still discriminated against
there are about 704,851 First Nations people in Canada. Most First Nations people (57%) live in reserves, The other (43%) live mainly in the larger cities. Game!! Name the tribes! name at least 1 tribe that used to be in Ontario! There are about 9 How Many? how many First Nations live on reservers?(%) How many live in cities?(%)
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